If you’ve ever been to a wedding or viewed one in the movies, you’ve heard a pronouncement. The usual pronouncement indigenous the big screen goes prefer this, “I currently pronounce you husband and also wife. You may kiss the bride!” It’s when the officiant announces the marriage and also sets the phase for the huge smooch.

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But did you recognize there’s more than one way to express a couple? If you’re in search of something less traditional or more formal, there are options. If you desire something an ext feminist or an ext inclusive, there are options. If you’re trying to find something unique that speaks to you as a couple, then you’re in the ideal place.

Below we’ve gathered 15 pronouncements to accumulate you to find the ideal one for her nuptials.

Before we obtain into the pronouncements, crucial note:

Many timeless pronouncements are written because that a husband and also wife (or “man and wife”). However if that language doesn’t resonate v you, ditch it. Don’t permit traditonal language and outdated principles hold you earlier from creating a pronouncement the represents that you are. Here are some other titles you have the right to use instead of husband and wife:

Wife and HusbandHusband and HusbandWife and also WifeLegally WedMarriedSpouses because that LifePartners for Life(insert your own awesome titles here)

Most pronouncements finish with the line, “You might now kiss the bride!” If that offers you the icks (and we totally get why it might), friend don’t have actually to incorporate it. You deserve to remove the heat altogether or adjust it to:

You might seal your promise/union/marriage with a kissAnd currently for your very first kiss as a married coupleYou may kissYou might now kiss every otherI invite you come seal her promise with a kissLet’s start the adventure of marriage with a kissNow might be a great time to kiss(insert your very own awesome line here)

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Now that (Name) and also (Name) have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, v the involvement of hands and the giving and also receiving of rings, ns pronounce the they are (preferred titles). (Optional kiss line)

Express your Love

(Name) and also (Name), you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and also promises you have actually just made. It is with these in mind that ns pronounce friend (preferred titles). (Optional kiss line)

Good Company

In the presence of this an excellent company,By the strength of your love,Because you have actually exchanged vows of commitment,We acknowledge you as (preferred titles). (Optional kiss line)


And currently it is time for me to explain you married.

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From today your family, friends, community, and indeed the whole world, will understand you together co-travellers through life, adventurers, soul-mates, (preferred titles). (Optional kiss line)