This July 4th, ns was pondering a BBQ grilling menu. Yes, the course, grilling fish alongside the warm dogs and also hamburgers is the exactly lo-co option, but I eat a most grilled fish – and I think also my friends are bored of mine tasty yet predictable fish entrees.

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Luckily, a totally NOT lo-co lunch at the house of my bacon-loving friend Chris a few weeks ago fueled my recent kielbasa obsession. There we were, discussing what come eat for an impromptu lunch, when she opened up her fridge and also said, “I might grill some kielbasa.”

Really? civilization have kielbasa just hanging around? and fire increase the grill for lunch? I assumed this to be amazing.

“Sure,” i said, skip the truth that in Chris’s hands was a full-fat beef kielbasa by to sing the lyrics from the Hillshire farm “Go Meat” TV commercial. Chris was unfamiliar through this hysterical TV spot, so ns sang that to her (repeats not included):

Gooooooo meeeeaaat!I stated a beef warm linksI claimed a beef hot linksI stated a brat, beef kielbasa, warm smoked sausage, cheddarwurst!When i say Hillshire, you say Farm!Hillshire!Farm!GO MEAT!”

I hadn’t eaten kielbasa in year – years even. Dipped in dijon and also served v a half-avocado with some red alcohol vinaigrette pooled in the center (another tasty food I’d never ever seen done), it was absolutely delicious. And pretty easy to make. Though fact be said I’d never ever fire increase the grill in the job – well, because I don’t ever before fire increase the grill – but this might be a very easy and also delicious dinner that also my boy would eat (minus the avocado).

But. Um. Completely not lo-co.

That said, I looked for it in the grocery keep anyway, figuring I’d work it in for dinner sporadically and try to eat specifically well at having lunch on those days. And also was so really pleased to find Hillshire Farm’s “Turkey Polska Kielbasa.” and I later on learned, when researching for this post, the there is one more lo-co choice: “Lite Kielbasa” though I have actually an aversion to items labeled ‘lite.’

So I began buying Turkey Polska Kielbasa (it’s funny to say, no?) and also my husband grills that up about once a week and also we have actually it with a salad: it’s a new lo-co, tasty and also easy dish for a weeknight.

Is the as good as the complete fat version I gobbled at Chris’s house? Nope. However it is rather tasty. And a ton much less fat: the full fat version as 16 grams the fat (5 saturation fat grams – the very bad kind) versus simply 5 grams that fat (just 1.5 of satellite fat) for the turkey kielbasa.

I simply load up an ext mustard and barely an alert the difference.

So if you’re plan a BBQ and want a lo-co selection that no one will realize is lo-co, grill up part Turkey Polska Kielbasa together those dogs. In mine next write-up I’ll detail the nutritional worth of Kielbasa vs hot Dogs vs Hamburgers — but if you’re not a number nerd, simply know the Turkey Polska Kielbasa is a great lo-co BBQ choice. And probably, no one will have any type of idea it’s lo-co.

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Side note: all processed meats room high in diet cholesterol (35 and also 30mg, respectively) however at the very least the turkey kielbasa has a lot less saturated fat, therefore as lengthy as you’re no eating that daily, it’s a kind choice.