Livin" mine life in a slow hellDifferent girl every night at the hotelI ain"t viewed the sun shine in 3 cursed daysBeen fuelin" increase on cocaine and also whiskyWish I had actually a an excellent girl to miss meLord ns wonder if I"ll ever adjust my waysI...

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It"s a partnership story told from both point out of view. It damages both that them come look in ~ the picture of the various other one, for this reason they put them away and out of sight so the reminder is gone and hopefully they have the right to move on with their lives. They both handle things differently and also are separated for a long time, however ultimately establish they still have actually chemistry there or they are no much longer heartbroken when they are reunited some time later, for this reason the line "I found your photo today". Castle have pertained to a location where they room comfortable looking at the various other person and also there is no longer a continuous negative reminder by looking at the photo of the various other person.This track really hits home with me. Mine girlfriend of 3 years and I had just damaged up when this song came out. It to be so complicated for me to view her picture or anything that reminded me that her. For what seemed favor forever, i would discover stuff of hair at mine place and also it brought earlier all those ache emotions. I remained in a really poor place in mine life, and also I make the efforts to bury my sorrows through damaging means. She to be finding comfort with her family, church, and friends; however I became withdrawn from my family and also friends, and also was lonely and also miserable. The actual usage of the word "picture" sunk in deep since one the the things of mine that she treasured over any that the jewelry or presents I provided her to be my photo of me taken as an infant. She asked to keep it in ~ her location to remind she of me as soon as I wasn"t there. This was the only picture I have of me as a tiny child since the remainder were destroyed, so the was kind of an essential keepsake from mine childhood. Anyways, ns never got it ago and us still have not spoken since the breakup. I have actually no idea whereby she is or what she is doing, and I tho wonder if she has my snapshot and if she has actually put that away.

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I love this track it has actually some country and some popular music vibe on the song and so me and huge time rush room shooting the display near Nashville but we will still visit mine aunt and my uncle for their holidays however my parents room heading come Tennessee through my brother but huge time sirloin is going to Nashville through me to document our music however we’re to sing with pair people. Favor Carrie Underwood, lady antebellum, Kelsea ballerini, keith urban.