Spencer: Hey. Which one of these shirts do you think I should wear tomorrow?Carly: To where?Spencer: Prison.

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Freddie: Prison?Carly: Oh, my God, what did you download?Spencer: Nothing...yeah, nothing... That's not why I'm going to prison!Carly: So why are you going?Spencer: I'm up for a job where I teach prisoners useful skills so when they get out they don't have to go back to a life of crime.Sam: Yeah, why would a dude rob a bank when he could build a robot out of soda bottles?Spencer: Okay, calm down--CarlyNEVER TELL A GIRL TO CALM DOWN! Guys always tell girls to calm down, and it never works! It just gets us all whipped up. You see me all whipped up now?! IT'S 'CAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO CALM DOWN!Spencer: You know, most guys have to get married to suffer this kind of abuse.Carly: Well, do you remember us getting married?! Well, I don't! So who's talking now?!Spencer: Excuse me, I will not stand here being yelled at by my own sister.Carly: Ugh!Carly: Why so jumpy?Freddie: 'Cause you blasted me in the head with pressurized air!Carly: I was here, I know what happened.Carly: Whoa! When did you get so strong?!Freddie: Same time the voice got lower!Carly: DID YOU AND SAM KISS?Freddie: Yes, it's true, Sam and I kissed...

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Carly: OH, MY GOD!Carly: You guys are my best friends! How come neither one of you told me?Freddie: We promised each other we'd never speak of it again. OH, MAN, I've been SPEAKING OF IT again!Carly: I'm calling Sam right now!Freddie: NO! If you tell Sam I told you, she'll kick me in places that should never be kicked!(The escaped prisoners duct taped Carly, Sam, and Freddie to a bench)Freddie(to Carly) Why did you tell them where the duct tape was?Carly: I was just trying to be helpful!Sam: Yeah you helped them alright.Carly: It's Freddie's fault! When you see prisoners escaping, you don't announce that you're gonna call the cops! "Well, you do realize we have to call the police."