Spencer: Hey. Which among these shirts do you think I need to wear tomorrow?Carly: come where?Spencer: Prison.

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Freddie: Prison?Carly: Oh, mine God, what did friend download?Spencer: Nothing...yeah, nothing... That's no why I'm going come prison!Carly: therefore why are you going?Spencer: I'm up because that a project where i teach prisoners useful an abilities so once they obtain out castle don't have to go ago to a life of crime.Sam: Yeah, why would certainly a dude rob a bank when that could build a robot the end of soda bottles?Spencer: Okay, patience down--CarlyNEVER phone call A GIRL TO calm DOWN! Guys constantly tell girl to patience down, and it never ever works! It simply gets us all whipped up. You view me all whipped up now?! IT'S 'CAUSE YOU called ME TO patience DOWN!Spencer: friend know, many guys have actually to obtain married to endure this type of abuse.Carly: Well, do you remember us gaining married?! Well, i don't! for this reason who's talking now?!Spencer: forgive me, I will certainly not stand here being yelled in ~ by my very own sister.Carly: Ugh!Carly: Why for this reason jumpy?Freddie: 'Cause you blasted me in the head v pressurized air!Carly: i was here, I understand what happened.Carly: Whoa! once did you obtain so strong?!Freddie: exact same time the voice gained lower!Carly: walk YOU and SAM KISS?Freddie: Yes, it's true, Sam and I kissed...

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Carly: OH, mine GOD!Carly: You males are my ideal friends! how come neither among you called me?Freddie: we promised each various other we'd never ever speak of it again. OH, MAN, I've to be SPEAKING OF it again!Carly: I'm calling Sam right now!Freddie: NO! If girlfriend tell Sam i told you, she'll absent me in areas that should never be kicked!(The escaped prisoners duct taped Carly, Sam, and also Freddie to a bench)Freddie(to Carly) Why did you tell them where the duct ice was?Carly: i was just trying to it is in helpful!Sam: yeah you aided them alright.Carly: It's Freddie's fault! once you see prisoners escaping, friend don't announce the you're gonna speak to the cops! "Well, you execute realize we have actually to contact the police."