If, in the kitchens the the castle, 3 cats record three mouse in 3 minutes, how many cats are essential to record one hundred mouse in 100 minutes.

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The price in the earlier says the very same three cats yet I just thought it to be 1 cat, as I simplified it down 1 cat will capture 1 computer mouse in 1 minute, could need to define like ns am five, if i am not correct to be honest

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Just to discuss your spoiler tag bit...

If 3 cats capture 3 mouse in 3 minutes, climate 1 cat would capture 1 computer mouse in 3 minutes based upon the equation, not 1 minute. You can readjust two of the terms, however the third one would have to be unmodified for it come work. Therefore if you have actually 100 mice and also 100 minutes, you'd should remain in ~ 3 cats. 100 cat would catch 100 mouse in 3 minutes

Think of that this way: those three cats, once they room together, record mice at a constant rate that 1 mouse/minute. If they have actually 3 mice to catch, it will certainly take them 3 minutes; so if they have actually 100, it will be 100 minutes.

The reason simplifying doesn't quite job-related is if friend think of it in terms of relocating something yes, really heavy. If 3 men can move 3 boulders in 3 minutes, climate 1 man can move 1 boulder in 1 minute, right? Wrong, the 1 male cant also pick increase a boulder, for this reason the 1 male moves 0 boulders, period. To achieve that price of boulder relocating it needs the participation of the 3 men.

This additionally assumes the entity performing the task in the riddle maintains a continuous rate that performance and also does no fatigue.

Ha, give thanks to you, the has described it brilliantly for me! once I first finished reading it, I automatically thought the very same three, surely, guess ns thought around it to lot (or not enough, together the case may be) and also thought, I can simplify it, as I described above.

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But give thanks to you, because that explaining it, and replying so conveniently as that might have retained me up all night thinking on it!

One cat will catch one computer mouse in 3 minutes. When 3 cats record 3 mice in three minutes, that's 3 mice being captured over the food of 3 minutes. For this reason together, they record 1 computer mouse per minute, which is why castle can capture 100 mice in 100 minutes. Since there space three cats, and also they record 1 computer mouse per minute together, that method that every cat captures 1/3 of a mouse per minute, or one mouse per 3 minutes.

im confused. What if two of the three cats catch one mouse every 2 minute each and also the 3rd cat captures one computer mouse every three minutes. (that would still be three mice in 3 minutes). Climate you would only need those 2 cat (two cats recording one computer mouse each every 2 minutes would certainly be 100 mice in 100 minutes). I feel prefer not enough info is given.