Eyelash trimming, if friend haven’t heard the it, is trimming the hair on her lashes as you would the hair on her head.

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Eyelash trimming is a recognized practice; that allegedly provides your eyelashes longer in the long run.

This procedure has the exact same idea the pruning in psychic in which cut or shaving any component of the body will resort in thicker and also longer hair.

People trim their lashes for a number of reasons.

It is usual in males to trim long lashes since pretty lashes don’t shout masculinity.

But for those that trim their lashes in stimulate to do them thicker and also longer, you might be in because that a quite disappointing ride.

How come Trim Lashes?

Trimming your eyelash hair is pretty easy, it’s actually similar to cut your own hair.

Just gain a cuticle scissor (those tiny ones that normally come in a pedicure set) and maybe a intensified mirror to do the project easier.

If you’re pretty confident through your an abilities then you have the right to do this on your own but if her hands space pretty shaky, climate its finest to simply ask a girlfriend to perform it for you.

You wouldn’t want to puncture yourself making use of your scissors.

Try come make your lashes as also as possible and don’t reduced them as well short.

Side Effect and Risks


Listed listed below are a pair of an unfavorable side effects that might occur as soon as you trim her lashes?

You may reduced them too short and also may operation the risk of her lashes not being may be to offer their purpose. Eyelashes offer a number of functions, most of them protective. These quick hairs serve to protect the eye from foreign matter, such as dirt, dust and other forms of debris that small enough to gain into the eye. The curved shape of both rows that eyelashes helps to slip sweat and foreign particles the end of the eyes. Return eyelashes cannot take the ar of security eyewear prefer sunglasses, castle do help filter the end the sunlight that shine into your eyes.You may finish up poking her eye through your scissors when trying to trim your lashes.You can obtain uneven lashes or lashes that room too short.

Does that Work?

The consensus is that eyelash trimming is merely a myth.

Regardless of whether you trimmed lock or not, your lashes space bound to grow back since they have actually a herbal cycle already figured out.

Although lashes perform naturally loss out, they also naturally grow back.

This is all part of a 3 step process that will be disputed in this article.

Eyelashes walk through three stages of growth.

Sadly, the mean eyelash cannot do it till the last phase because of factors such as makeup or aging. Once you space taking appropriate care of your lashes, lock will prosper to their potential thickness and length and also length, and they can complete all 3 stages of your 3 phase cycle.

To explain this further, below are the 3 stages involved in eyelash growth:

Anagen phase or the development Phase: Lasts about 45 days, during this i m sorry the hair cell are splitting rapidly and including to the hair shaft.Telogen phase or the Sheading Phase: Is once the hair becomes fully keratinized and also dead in a sense that no much more new cells are added to it. This phase is defined by the falling turn off of hair which starts the relaxing phase the the hair follicle.

According to Dr. Susan Blakeney, a clinical torture to the university of Optometrists, “Much like other hair, eyelashes naturally fall out when they have actually finished their life cycle.”

Most research will phone call you that hair that has grown after gift trimmed is simply your body doing that job.


The legend of trimming lashes in bespeak to make them longer is exactly that, a myth.

It seems that there are an ext pros 보다 cons come this practice.

Although, if you really are in require of one eyelash trim then, by all means, walk ahead, however if you are trimming her eyelashes because that the main reason of making them thrive longer then you might just end up disappointed.

It’s much better just to go for false eyelashes or eyelash extensions if you room desperate because that longer and also thicker lashes.

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But, if you are hell-bent top top trimming her lashes, you can always think that they bound come grow back naturally, so there’s no must fret.