Share on share on facebook on TwitterShare top top LinkedInShare on RedditShare on Flipboard share via EmailComments announced that there were end 600 new entries to your website top top September 1. Among them was the hatchet jabroni. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be specifically thrilled v this addition, because the term has actually been considered his catchphrase.

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"Yes, we put jabroni in the dictionary. We assume
TheRock could smell us cooking up this upgrade the totality time," brazenly tweeted, referring to the wrestler"s entrance theme.

TheRock can smell us food preparation up this upgrade the entirety time. Https://

— ( specifies "jabroni" as "a wrestler whose function is to lose matches versus headlining wrestlers in bespeak to build up the status and fame that the headliners," meaning they do others look at in stimulate to additional their wrestling careers.

An instance of just how you have the right to use it in a sentence reads: "The man is a legend in the ring—he eats jabronis for breakfast."


Dwayne Johnson speaks during Hand and Footprint consciousness honoring Kevin Hart at TCL Chinese Theatre top top December 10, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Leon Bennett/WireImage via Getty ImagesIn a 2015 Esquire story, Johnson revealed where he first used the term, and how he obtained to using it himself. "When ns was a kid, it was an within term that guys would use. As soon as wrestlers want to have actually a personal conversation as soon as fans to be present, castle would start talking carny due to the fact that they supplied to wrestle in carnivals. I thought it to be so cool," that revealed.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Buys XFL indigenous His previous WWE boss Vince McMahon
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Buys XFL indigenous His previous WWE boss Vince McMahon

"Jabroni to be a word that was always used in the derogatory sense. Oh, this jabroni, the jabroni. But the stole Sheik was famed for saying the word constantly backstage. Jabroni, jabroni, jabroni. Roughly 1998, i thought, Why can"t ns say the on TV?" Johnson added. "So I started saying it publicly, yet the steel Sheik was well-known for it."

He previously provided that jabroni to be the steel Sheik"s native in the 2014 documentary, The Sheik. "Now words jabroni is connected to me," Johnson said. "When a lot of of people think, "oh, jabroni, oh, yeah, yeah, it"s The Rock"s word." No, no, no, no. It"s no my word. It"s the stole Sheik"s word."

The Rock additionally gushed about the impact the stole Sheik had actually on his career. "The wrestling business has constantly been a throat business. Over there weren"t always a lot of of guys at the time that took the moment to bring me under your wings and also share your insight and wisdom v me," the admitted.

The steel Sheik"s tremendous wrestling career stretched over 3 decades. He retired from wrestling in the 2000s, together per Rolling Stone.

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