Hair grows ago thicker once you shave it! reading in dim light transforms you blind! Peeing ~ above a jellyfish sting will soothe the pain! The method our bodies work is a little of a mystery, and also our desire come unlock that is secrets has actually led come a large amount of misinformation. Plenty of of these false notions are much more widely thought than the truth. We took our healthy skepticism and a bunch of study to find the fact behind several of the most usual myths about our bodies. Here's what us learned.

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Note: understanding is power, so as we watch it, misinformation makes us weak. Our myth-busting series intends to root out common myths therefore you can make better, more informed decisions.



You might remember that illustration of Seinfeld where Jerry decides to cut his chest despite warnings the it will certainly grow ago twice together thick. Back the myth proves to be true ~ above television, it's very much false in the genuine world. If shaving brought about hair to prosper in much thicker, balding males would it is in shaving their heads because that hair loss prevention. Children's health and wellness researcher Rachel C. Vreeman and assistant professor that pediatrics Aaron E. Carrol placed this legend to rest:

Strong scientific proof disproves this claims. As early on as 1928, a clinical trial proved that shaving had no impact on hair growth. Much more recent research studies confirm that shaving does not affect the thickness or price of hair regrowth. In addition, shaving clears the dead portion of hair, not the living section lying listed below the skin's surface, so it is unlikely to influence the price or type of growth. Shaved hair lacks the finer taper viewed at the end of unshaven hair, providing an impression the coarseness. Similarly, the new hair has actually not yet been lightened by the sunlight or other chemical exposures, causing an figure that seems darker than existing hair.

Basically, shaved hair feels coarse and also that leads you to believe it's thicker. In fact you're just fooling yourself and also your hair remains the same.

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Myth 2: calories Counting Is All that Matters for load Management and also Health


We might like to believe that calories-in-equals-calories-out is a sufficient weight loss theory, however that method we have to accept ours bodies space pretty simple. If consuming fewer calories can absolutely have one impact, no all foods have the same impact once we stuff them down our throats. If you desire to think about it in a very basic way, consider the difference in between a liquid bar and also a cucumber (in same caloric amounts). Lock taste different, lock consist of different nutritional elements, and are not the exact same thing. The doesn't make sense that they'd be offered by her body in the exact same way.

The problem with the idea of calories gift the only necessary metric is that we think the a calorie as a physics thing. Calorie are just a way of measure up heat, and also they weren't originally a term offered in referral to food. A calorie, according to Wikipedia, "approximates the power needed to boost the temperature the 1 gram of water by 1 level Celsius." Basically, calories are a measurement and also not something your body supplies for fuel. What your body does usage is what it find in the foods and liquids it digests. If you put crap in her body, you're no going to be much better off just since of a low-calorie rating.

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Many world contest this idea because of nutrition Professor mark Haub's twinkie diet, in which the ate a short calorie diet the consisted of about two-thirds junk food, however there are a few things to note here. This is the sole study the one person and is not indicative everyone. Even Haub inquiries his very own findings:

What does the mean? walk that median I'm healthier? Or does the mean just how we specify health native a biologic standpoint, that we're lacking something?

Haub also reduced his entry by around 800 calories per day, i beg your pardon is a very far-ranging amount. Over there is no concern that our caloric intake dram a duty in the means we store and also lose fat (as this study in the new England journal of medication shows), however simply counting calorie does not provide the complete pictures. The way your body processes sugar is an excellent example that how different foods yield various results. Dr. Michael Eades point out to two studies—the Ancel Keys scarcity experiment and also the john Yudkin study—that each tested two low-calorie diet with various nutrient compositions. The tricks study had greater amounts the carbohydrates and lower amounts of fat. The Yudkin study had the opposite. The results of the studies, however, yielded an extremely different results. The Yudkin study ended with healthy men vice versa, the keys study go not.