Hi everyone, I've interpreted "Ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes viros" come be interpreted as " fire tempers gold, adversity temper/strengthen solid men."

Since i am a woman i would choose the same expression in the feminine, so: "As fire tempers gold, for this reason does adversity temper/strengthen women/strong women."

I've learned around the noun virago/viraginis as definition a strong or heroic woman. Might someone please interpret the whole feminine phrase? I'm open up to consisting of words various other than virago, if there's something an ext appropriate. Thanks!

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The just word you need to change is "viros": you have the right to leave the remainder as lock are. Because that a woman, I would suggest:

-> virago, together you said, usually way a strong woman, however a man-like mrs (if you look in ~ them, you'll watch "viros" and also "virago" have the exact same root). Therefore that's a an interpretation you can not like. Anyway, if you favor this word, the appropriate type would be: "viragines".

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-> other words for woman are:

-- femina: this is the regular, operation of the mill word because that woman/female. Ns think this is the most uncomprising one and also the appropriate type would be "feminas".

-- mulier: this is another, less constant word because that female. That hasn't any extr connotations I deserve to think of, so it might suit friend also. The appropriate form would it is in "mulieres".

-- domina: this is another word that means woman, yet kind the the mistress of a household. However, ladies were rarely thought about in this means by themselves, they gained that treatment since they were the partner of a dominus, the "lord", return some wealthy women and/or widows might be thought about like this. If you desire this one, the should show up as "dominas"

-- There space some other words because that women, however only that a married status. Those to be "uxor" (a married women and that's all, the type would it is in "uxores") and "matrona", a woman of high regard because of her ethical qualities and her capacity rising children (the form, matronas).

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Probably, there will certainly be other tasiilaq.netors who might chip in and also give more alternative. Nevertheless, ns hope girlfriend find any type of of this useful; if girlfriend have any doubt, feel totally free to ask.