The 20th century understand of the fresco technique who produced the occupational Mixtec culture is ______.

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Diego Rivera

What is colors in paint?

a powered color

______ is an instance of a nonaquenous medium?

A oil paint

The painting technique used in the an initial century in Egypt , Greece, and Rome that requires the usage of wax is _____.


In buon fresco, or true fresco, pigment is combined with water and applied to wet ____.


After structure a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally uses a coat of _____.


In fresco painting, a illustration called a _____ is moved to the all set surface former to applying the pigment.


Watercolor’s primary attributes is its _____.


Two ancient painting media that space still in usage today are _____ and also ____.

encaustic, fresco

In oil painting, linseed oil acts together a _____.


The very first acclaimed artist come understand and exploit oil paint was _____.

Jan van Eyck

One that the benefits of oil painting is the it dries an extremely slowly. This permits for:

a ethereal blending that colors, the paint to it is in reworked indefinitely, the application of great of repaint on height of one another, and an almost infinite selection of consistencies

______ is watercolor that has actually been do opaque by including inert white pigment to it.


Pope Julius II employed which 2 Italian Renaissance artists to repaint frenscoes because that him?

Michealangelo, Raphael

A nonaqueous paint is one that ____ in something other than water.

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Technically, tempera is repaint in i m sorry the car is in an _____.


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