Wise past her years, teenager thespianKristen Stewart an initial splashed onto the silver screen at age 10, with an outstanding performance in Panic Room(2002), alongside Oscar-winning co-star Jodie Foster. Yet there’d it is in no have to worry around her career, together the pensive actress do a collection of fine acting choices, thereafter.

Although she credits include a grasp of smaller components in films such as Cold Creek Manor(2003), Zathura(2005) and also Fierce People(2006), it’s her upcoming power in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, which will inevitably command the attention of audiences and critics.

Stewart portrays Tracy, an chaste free-spirited Slab City indigenous who falls for bohemian kris McCandless, during his brief stay at a commune. Showcasing she vocal and instrumental talents, she likewise puts top top a relocating performance through her guitar and soothing voice.

The tires Stewart talks around her function opposite Emile Hirsch, she singing, and also seduction scene in the upcoming adventure drama Into the Wild. tasiilaq.net: room you a real singer and a musician? Kirsten Stewart: I constantly played the guitar and also I favor sing come the radio, but I’ve never sung because that anyone before.

HW: You’re rather blonde this days, did you change your natural hair shade for Into the Wild? KS: No i went blonde for something else.Kate Hudson just directed a quick film and I play a younger version ofVirginia Madsen, who’s bleached-out.

HW: So once stars direct shorts favor that, where room they often seen? It must be special possibility to work with a other actor in the capacity. KS: In this case, i think the glamour magazine was doing other for females directors. They space doing a whole collection of short films that have female director in them. Ns was into that. I assumed that to be cool.

HW: have the right to you talk about your seduction scene with Emile, who plays chris McCandless? KS: I beat a girl who and also has never been all over else. So there are most likely not countless guys her age…and climate he comes along. That not simply that he’s available and her age–and a guy. Yet there is something about him. He has actually a certain effect on particular kinds the people and also I think she that kind of person.

HW: for this reason your character’s palpable desire that Chris? KS: i think it’s for this reason cool that they don’t ‘do it’. The that’s what she wants, and that’s what she think she wants since she’s never had it before. He wants to be better than that. Ns think to walk up ~ above stage and play a tune for each other is specifically after seeing she play the night before. You understand he’s pretty in tune. He have the right to see those going on.

HW:And watching Chris’ journey filled her character, Tracy, v a details awe? KS: I average anyone who is human has to relate come what the instinct of that is…demanding her freedom–and a lot of of civilization have lost that. We don’t really demand our freedom anymore. The is for this reason filled with that. It’s sort of inspiring. The takes girlfriend in. It simply draws you in. That compelling, friend know, because it’s therefore rare. You don’t view that kind of soul from many people. You don’t meet an extremely many human being who, like, feeling human–real concrete.

HW: us were talking toWilliam ache earlier around young actors, training and the process of coming to be an actor. Deserve to you talk around that? KS: i don’t desire to study acting. I can’t think about it together logic. I can’t put too much sense on to it favor that. If I ever before think around something too hard I will leave the scene after we space done shooting and it’s like: ‘I no go v that. That’s no real. I didn’t simply go through that and I faked it.’ I used like these devices that ns learned over the years the I’ve been able come fake it. And also that feels horrible. You leave and it’s like, ‘okay that didn’t happen.’ It’s favor the most unfulfilling, terrible feeling. Girlfriend beat you yourself up around it. So i couldn’t do acting school just due to the fact that I can’t think about it. It’s prefer if you space telling a story and you feel it, and also you relate come this person, and you feel like you desire to tell it in a certain way–it’s just going to happen. That been hard to philosophize around acting.

HW: i will not ~ you want to obtain some sort of formal advent to acting? KS: i love Shakespeare, literature and also I love to watch it however it’s sort of simply in a various language. Just due to the fact that people have done the a certain way for hundreds of years, doesn’t mean you need to keep act it the way.

HW: can you speak to us around working withSean Penn and also what impression that left ~ above you? KS:Seanis not only an actor, however I completely idolize him as a filmmaker. Together a person, he is just good and has the most enormous amount that integrity. He’s great, self assured and sure the his convictions and clear thinking. He no just have the totality story in mind, the did it. To tell the story in the way that that did in life, I mean you have to live it.

HW: Which that did literally? KS: He take it the trip. The went and he took the whole trip that kris absorbed making this movie with Emile. The is a strange combination of things because he’s that human being who is really favor a figure to look increase to and also then also like one of the many pensive, gentle, emotionally in tuned, cool people.

HW: just how doesDavid Fincher compare to working v Sean Penn? KS:Sean has actually a various spirit. I average he’s definitely encompassed something the was so warm. Like he took everyone that was in this movie–wanted so badly simply to do it–to phone call the story, and he really simply took us all in.Fincher had a daughter my period so the was really good. I remember him being favor a cool guy and also at the point, i was ten year old and also it <Panic Room> was type of funny to do.

HW: to be you intimidated by Sean Penn? KS: Yeah the assumed of him to be intimidating!

HW: any type of examples? once was your an initial meeting with Sean? KS: mine agent dubbed me and told me I had to call his cabinet phone. Icalled him up and also he said he knows me and there’s a story…a script he’s been writing that he loves. He’d acquired to a certain point and also didn’t know exactly how to go any type of further. Therefore he put together a ‘table read’ and also the first time i met him to be he came over to my home withEmile to present me several of the script.

HW: What didSean think the script needed? KS: actually he required a young girl to review these two parts due to the fact that he no know any type of actresses that liked.

HW: What carry out you remember discovering from Jodie Foster? KS: the she does what she believes. She doesn’t perform anything the she doesn’t desire to do. She walk the story she desires to do. She’s not going to compromise, and you execute well as soon as you carry out things you want to do. HW:Jena Malone explained this organic process of developing her part in the movie. Did you have the same experience withSean Penn with regard come the songs. Did you have any type of input or to be it pre-written? KS: Right, the tune was preferred before. Ns think that was created in the script. Yet the tune that to be written, you see prefer a second of that in the movie. I created a song with the music director, that is yes, really creatively amazing. That was really free, and also really organic. He stated we needed a simple love track or something that a young girl would certainly write. He claimed I should simply go check out where that takes me. Okay, we need to write a song. So that’s kind of how we worked.

HW: So component organic, and part scripted? KS: My an initial day that shooting ns wasn’t supposed to work that day. We went out due to the fact that I was coming in because that a fitting or something, however that’s type of the same means about no wanting to take it a course I recognize I can’t. I never ever feel great about that if i think too much about it. When all of a suddenly a scene takes place and you leave it and you don’t understand where the hell that came from, yet it’s right, it is what you have to do.

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It is what I need to do–or ns can’t do anything well.