modern snowblowers room made v 4-stroke engines, but if you have actually a cherished snowblower from year ago, you"ve dealt with trying to gain the perfect fuel mixture because that a 2-stroke engine.

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Many people grew up discovering to eyeball the oil-gas ratio, however properly mixing gasoline and also oil will prevent your snowblower from spitting out the dark clouds the smelly smoke the nobody enjoys.

What"s the Difference between Two-Stroke & Four-Stroke?

A "stroke" describes how plenty of stages (cylinder/crankshaft movements) a burning engine requirements to finish to complete a "power (working) stroke."

Two-stroke (two-cycle) enginesrequire you to mix the oil through the gas in exact amounts so the oil acts as a lubricant because that the crankcase, if four-stroke engines take oil and also gas separately.

In a 2-stroke engine, it takes one full change (2 stages) to finish 1 power stroke.

In a4-stroke engine, ittakes two changes (4 stages) to complete 1power stroke.

How do 4-Cycle Engines Work?

Four-stroke (four-cycle) enginesare newer and have a different compartment for oil, so girlfriend don"t need to worry around mixing fuel. This engines are an ext fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, while likewise giving you an ext torque once you require it. View the diagram below to understand how these engines work.


Intake:a bottom stroke draws in fuel Compression:an increase stroke expels the exhaust Combustion (Power):another downward stroke brings in much more fuel and ignites the Exhaust:another increase stroke compresses and also expels the fuel

How DoTwo-Cycle Engines Work?

A2-stroke enginecombines the compression and also ignition steps on the upstroke while combine the power and also exhaust ~ above the downstroke. Because there room fewer relocating parts in this engine, easier maintenance is traded for less power and also torque.


Ignition/Compression:the piston moves up, drawsfuel in and also compresses it Combustion/Exhaust:as the fuel is ignited, the piston is forced down, expelling the exhaust

Which Is Better, 2-Cycle or 4-Cycle?

While there are benefits of using both 2-cycle and also 4-cycle snowblowers, the comes down to convenience and also efficiency; if you"re tired of mix oil and sniffing fumes, it may be time to upgrade to a newer 4-stroke model.

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Industry-wide, manufacturers room making an ext powerful 4-cycle engines and also phasing 2-cycle out in donate of more powerful, an ext efficient machines. Part argue that 2-cycle engines have actually mostly operation their courses, however either way, it seems it won"t it is in long before they disappearcompletely.