BMI Grading Table2 for height 5"7"

WeightWeight Class
Below 118.1 lbsUnderweight
118.1 lbs - 159.6 lbsNormal Weight
159.6 lbs - 191.5 lbsOverweight
191.5 lbs and AboveObese

Lower wellness Risks1

People in ~ the typical BMI selection are in ~ a decreased risk because that a wide selection of health problems.

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95 pounds=Underweight
100 pounds=Underweight
105 pounds=Underweight
110 pounds=Underweight
115 pounds=Underweight
120 pounds=Normal
125 pounds=Normal
130 pounds=Normal
135 pounds=Normal
140 pounds=Normal
145 pounds=Normal

5 foot 7 = 67 inches5 foot 7 = 170.18cm120 pounds = 8 rock 8 pounds120 pounds = 54.43 kg120 pounds = 54431.08 grams
What is the BMI for a 5"7" and also 120 lbs female? 18.79 BMI, typical Weight.What is the BMI because that a 5"7" and also 120 lbs male? 18.79 BMI, common Weight.What is the appropriate weight for a 5"7" female? Between: 118.1lbs and also 159.6lbsWhat is the appropriate weight because that a 5"7" male? Between: 118.1lbs and also 159.6lbsIf ns am 5ft7in and also weigh 120 lbs, is that a an excellent weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 120 lbs is classed together being typical Weight.
This page is Calculated because that the adhering to Height and WeightHeight: 5" 7, 5 foot 7, 5"7", 5 ft 7 in, 5 feet 7 inches.Weight: 120 Pounds, 120 lbs.
Is this Healthy?1BMI values have different interpretations for various body shapes. A major limitation the the BMI is the the BMI value does not suggest the ar or distribution of body fat, two factors which are vital in love health and diabetes. If you room at all came to with her weight or health, top a doctor or health professional.

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