The Lincoln penny has remained in circulation in one kind or an additional for well over a century in ~ this point. In fact, the coin is still in circulation today, despite its architecture is a bit various today, the coin is an essential piece of us history. For collectors, the 1925 Lincoln is extremely sought after because of its age, its design, and also its historical significance. No matter the coin’s condition, coin collectors will prevent at nothing to gain their hand on these coins.

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As because that the design, the coin’s obverse is not also dissimilar native what it looks favor today. The center of the obverse next is marked by the file of previous President Abraham Lincoln. To the President’s left will be a raised engraving which reads “Liberty,” if the 1925 year that minting will certainly be inscribed to his right. Arching end the optimal edge the the coin will certainly be the elevated words “In God we Trust.”

On the coin’s reverse, girlfriend will notification the “one cent” confront value as well as another inscription which reads “United says of America” overcoming the main aspect. Come the right and left of these engravings will be two single wheat stalks. Finally, the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” will be arching end the optimal of the coin’s reverse.

Grading the 1925 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, having a 1925 Lincoln is no enough. Because that them, that is only the graded execution of this coins that space going to do it into a collection. For those who can now know, a graded coin is nothing more than one that has had actually its condition professionally assessed. In the following, we will current you with several of the different coin grades and also what those qualities will average for the 1925 Lincoln penny.

Uncirculated: A coin that has been graded as being Uncirculated is one that spent no time trading hands. Native the moment it was produced the coin was preserved in safekeeping. As a result, this coins will display absolutely no damage and will appear just together they did the day they were minted. That course, because of their age some that the shade on the coin’s encounters will have faded.

Extremely Fine: A coin that receives very Fine class is one that could have a small imperfection, but will largely appear to be in perfect condition. In many cases, the imperfections viewed on extremely Fine coins room extremely tiny and challenging to an alert with the naked eye. Nonetheless, they perform still impact the coin’s value.

Fine: A coin the is offered a good grade is one that invested a an excellent bit the time in circulation, yet did not accrue an remarkable amount of damage during that time. Because that the 1925 Lincoln, friend might notification some smoothing that the external edges and also some scratches. By most accounts, the damage and/or imperfections you will be maybe to notice are typical for a coin that has been circulated for a great bit the time.

Good: A coin receiving a an excellent grade was circulated because that an overwhelming bulk of its existence. These coins will present heavy damages that, in ~ times, will certainly be so bad that few of the raised inscriptions and also imagery could be totally worn away. Still, these coins space rare and sought after ~ by collectors regardless of their too much wear.

Pricing the 1925 Lincoln Penny

Being the there were approximately 3 different species of Lincoln pennies produced every year, the type of coin friend have and also the problem it is in will assist you recognize its value. The chart below will division the coins by grade and type so the you have a better idea of specifically what you could be asked come pay for a 1925 Lincoln.

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Lincoln Pennies

1925 Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.35$3$6.50
1925 Lincoln penny (D)$0.85$2.45$13$30
1925 Lincoln coin (S)$0.75$1.85$12$30
Source: Red Book

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