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A raccoon is any of seven species of nocturnal mammals identified by bushy ringed tails. The many common and well known is the phibìc American raccoon (Procyon lotor), which arrays from northern Canada and most that the United says southward into South America. It has a black “mask” throughout the eyes, and its tail is ringed v 5 come 10 black color bands.

Although classified as a carnivore, raccoons space omnivorous, feeding on crayfish and also other arthropods, rodents, frogs, and fruit and other tree matter, including crops. Raccoons room mistakenly believed to “wash” their food before eating the if water is available. This misconception occurs from your habit of in search of food in or near water and then manipulating that while eating.

Raccoon tracks present two prior feet, every with 5 long tapered clawed toe that mostly resemble a person hand. The two hind feet are thicker and also longer, likewise with 5 clawed toes on each.

Raccoon babies have the right to be dubbed kits or cubs. Yearly litters save on computer one to six (usually three or four) young, born in late feather after a gestation period of 60–73 days.

Particularly in towns and cities, raccoons adapt exceptionally well to person presence; lock den in buildings and also thrive on a diet that garbage, pet food, and also other items available to them. In the wild, raccoons live in a wide range of forest and grassland habitats. Castle are many often discovered in proximity to water.


Learn around the north American raccoon (Procyon lotor), presented here raiding the nest of a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis).

raccoon, (genus Procyon), additionally called ringtail, any type of of seven species of nocturnal mammals characterized by bushy ringed tails. The many common and also well-known is the north American raccoon (Procyon lotor), which varieties from north Canada and most the the United claims southward right into South America. It has a conspicuous black “mask” across the eyes, and the tail is ringed with 5 to 10 black bands.

A stout pet with short legs, a spicy muzzle, and tiny erect ears, the phibìc American raccoon is 75 to 90 cm (30 to 36 inches) long, including the 25-cm (10-inch) tail. Weight is usually around 10 kg (22 pounds) or less, although big males may grow to more than 20 kg. Those living in northern regions are bigger than their southerly counterparts. The phibìc American raccoon’s fur is shaggy and coarse, and also its color is iron-gray come blackish through brown overtones. Southerly raccoons room typically more silver, with north “coons” tending towards blond or brown.


Learn around the phibìc American raccoon (Procyon lotor) by city hall one usage its keen feeling of touch to search for food at the bottom of a pond.

Like every raccoons, the phibìc American raccoon is an intelligent and also inquisitive animal. The hairless prior feet are highly dexterous and resemble slender person hands, the hind feet gift thicker and longer. Back classified together a carnivore, the raccoon is omnivorous, feeding top top crayfish and other arthropods, rodents, frogs, and also fruit and also other plant matter, including crops. Raccoons space mistakenly believed to “wash” your food prior to eating it if water is available. This misconception occurs from their habit of looking for food in or near water and then manipulating the while eating.

Raccoons adapt very well to person presence, even in towns and also cities, wherein they den in buildings and thrive top top a diet that garbage, pets food, and also other items obtainable to them. As access of food is the primary element affecting the abundance of raccoons, the highest populace densities room often found in huge cities. In the wild raccoons live in a wide variety of forest and also grassland habitats. Many often uncovered in proximity to water, castle are likewise proficient swimmers. They rise readily and usually den in riverbanks, hole trees or logs, or exit beaver lodges.

Raccoons conquer winter food shortages by ending up being dormant. This duration may critical from a few days, in an answer to occasional southerly cold spells, to 4 to six months at northern latitudes. North raccoons room able to carry out this through accumulating large amounts of human body fat throughout the so late summer and also autumn. Most will dual their springtime body load in order to provide themselves v enough power to sleep with the winter.

In beforehand spring males friend with an ext than one female. Yearly litters contain one to six (usually three or four) young, born in late feather after a gestation duration of 60–73 days. The female takes a keen attention in she young and also cares for them for around a year, even though the young start hunting food and also are weaned at around two months. In captivity raccoons have the right to live as much as 20 years, but few survive beyond 5 in the wild. Their huge size and vigorous defense sometimes permit them come fend off predators such as bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions. Many deaths, however, are caused by humans and disease, especially canine distemper, parvovirus, and rabies. Rabies is especially far-ranging in the eastern joined States, wherein raccoons gone beyond skunks in 1997 as the most constant vector the the disease. Vaccine-laden bait has been air-dropped in Canada in an initiative to stop the spread out of rabies.

Because that its fondness for eggs, nestlings, corn, melons, and also garbage, the raccoon is unwelcome in some areas. The is still pursued (often with hounds) and trapped for its fur and flesh. The phibìc American raccoon played vital role in the phibìc American hair industry during the 19th century. In the early decades of the 20th century, raccoon coats to be de rigueur because that the sporting set. Together a result of the fur’s value, raccoons were presented to France, the Netherlands, Germany, and also Russia, where they have become a nuisance. In the latter portion of the 20th century, raccoons expanded their variety northward in Canada, likely due to the fact that of conversion of woodland to agricultural land. Warmer temperatures and less-severe winters would permit raccoons to prolong their range even farther.

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The crab-eating raccoon (P. Cancrivorus) inhabits south America as much south as north Argentina. It resembles the phibìc American raccoon but has shorter, coarser fur. The other members of genus Procyon space not well known. Many are tropical and also probably rare. They room the Barbados raccoon (P. Gloveralleni), the Tres Marías raccoon (P. Insularis), the Bahaman raccoon (P. Maynardi), the Guadeloupe raccoon (P. Minor), and also the Cozumel raccoon (P. Pygmaeus). Raccoons belong to the household Procyonidae, in addition to the olingos, the cacomistle, and the kinkajou.