Cody Walker, Paul Walker"s brother, is complying with in his older sibling"s footsteps by coming to be a movie actor. Cody pedestrian was a stand-in for his brother, who died in one auto accident, in "Furious 7." Click v to see an ext Hollywood siblings.

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The Kardashian household has do a surname for themselves through their namesake truth show, "Keeping Up through the Kardashians." Pictured, native left, television characters Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, mother Kris Jenner and also Kendall Jenner.

sisters Zooey Deschanel, left, the "The new Girl" and Emily Deschanel of "Bones" host hands at the Emmy Awards in 2013.

indigenous left, Keenen cream color Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans and Damon Wayans have developed a comedic dynasty in Hollywood through shows favor "In living Color" and "The Wayans Bros." and also the movie spoofs "I"m Gonna Git you Sucka" and "Don"t it is in a Menace to South main While Drinking your Juice in the Hood."

The Arquette siblings might have their very own basketball team, yet acting is your forte. Indigenous left room Academy award winner Patricia, Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and David Arquette.

Mary-Kate, right, and also Ashley Olsen, left, had beforehand success share the function of Michelle Tanner ~ above the sitcom "Full House." Elizabeth Olsen was a child actor, too, appearing in Mary-Kate and Ashley"s movies. She attracted praise together an adult for she breakout function as the titular character in the movie "Martha Marcy might Marlene."
Andrew Wilson, left, poses v his brothers, actors Owen, center, and also Luke, at the premiere the the "The Wendell Baker Story." Andrew and also Luke co-directed the film, which likewise starred Owen. Owen and Luke have appeared in several movies together, including "Bottle Rocket" and also "The royal Tenenbaums."
native left, Billy, Stephen, Alec and Daniel Baldwin hail from lengthy Island, the young of a teacher father and housewife mother.
Eric Roberts poses because that a photo with a young Julia Roberts, right, and also their sister Lisa Roberts Gillan, additionally an actor. The siblings prospered up in Georgia; their parents, Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts, to be actors and playwrights.
Dave, left, James and Tom Franco to visit the after-party because that the Broadway opened night that "Of Mice and also Men" in brand-new York on April 16. James Franco play George in the adaptation that the man Steinbeck novel.
Kevin Dillon, left, play Johnny "Drama" follow on HBO"s "Entourage. Large brother Matt is the star of movies such as "Drugstore Cowboy," "There"s Something around Mary" and also "Wild Things."
Dennis Quaid, left, is well-known as the star of films such as "Great Balls of Fire," "Wyatt Earp" and "The parental Trap." His brother, personality actor Randy Quaid, has showed up in "Brokeback Mountain" and "Kingpin."
Jessica Simpson, left, and also Ashlee Simpson Ross both had actually hot to sing careers in the aughts. Jessica went on to develop a successful clothing and also housewares business. In 2014, Ashlee married an additional Hollywood sibling -- one v a an extremely famous pedigree ...
Ashlee Simpson"s husband, actor Evan Ross, is the brothers of "Black-ish" and "Girlfriends" star Tracee Ellis Ross. The pair space the kids of Supremes singer Diana Ross. Evan has appeared in "The Hunger Games" films and also the "90210" TV reboot.
twins Tia Mowry-Hardrict, left, and also Tamera Mowry-Housley starred in the long-running sitcom "Sister, Sister." Their tiny brother Tahj Mowry play a kid prodigy on the Disney show "Smart Guy."
Oliver and also Kate Hudson space the children of actors Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. Your "stepfather" is actor cut Russell.
Jake Gyllenhaal and sister Maggie have actually both obtained praise for their big-screen roles: Jake in movies like "Brokeback Mountain" and "Donnie Darko" and Maggie in "Secretary" and "Sherrybaby."
Sisters and singers Beyonce, left, and also Solange Knowles have actually been performing due to the fact that they were children.
Mark, left, and also Donnie Wahlberg at the premiere of "The Truth about Charlie" in 2002. Donnie achieved early fame together a member the the brand-new Kids on the Block young band. Mark adhered to with a lab career, and both later transitioned right into acting.
Ralph, left, and Joseph Fiennes hail native an creative family in England. Their mommy was a novelist, your father a photographer. Joseph is known for playing the Bard in "Shakespeare in Love." Ralph played Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" films, among other bone-chilling roles.
Academy award winner Ben Affleck, left, has actually directed little brother Casey in "Gone baby Gone" and also starred alongside him in "Good will Hunting."
Kidada, left, and also Rashida Jones, the daughters of music legend Quincy Jones, went in a different artistic direction from their famous dad. Rashida is an actor on television"s "Parks and Recreation" and produced the film "Celeste & Jesse Forever." Kidada has showed up in the movies "Black & White" and "Thicker than Water" and also has worked in fashion.
siblings Jurnee Smollett-Bell, left, and also Jussie Smollett come from a household of actors. Jurnee showed up in the television shows "Parenthood" and also "Friday Night Lights" and also played the titular character in the movie "Eve"s Bayou." Jussie has actually a prime function on Fox"s hit present "Empire."
singing siblings beam J, left, and also Brandy have remained in the spotlight because they to be children. Brandy has actually made several hit albums and starred in the teenager sitcom "Moesha." beam J had actually his own dating display "For the Love of beam J."
Derek Hough and sister Julianne have danced their way into America"s hearts v recurring spots on TV"s "Dancing through the Stars." Julianne has actually acted in movies such together "Rock of Ages" and "Footloose."
twins Joel, left, and also Benji Madden got fame after forming the rock band good Charlotte in the 1990s. Both brother have showed up on "The Voice" together talent judges.
Actress hilary Duff, left, to be a Disney standout with her duty on "Lizzie McGuire." her sister Haylie appeared in "Napoleon Dynamite" and also other big-screen roles.
The granddaddy of them all: The The Jackson family members includes, indigenous left, Randy, La Toya, Marlon, Janet, Michael, Jackie, Rebbie and also Tito. Former members of the Jackson 5 proceed to perform. Small Janet has gone on to achieve success onscreen and also on the music charts.
Ron Howard, left, went from playing tiny Opie top top "The Andy Griffith Show" come directing Hollywood blockbusters prefer "Apollo 13" and also "The DaVinci Code." His brother Clint action in many of his films. Clint has also appeared top top "My surname Is Earl" and "Arrested Development."
Cody pedestrian has an initial major movie function in forthcoming "USS Indianapolis"

Paul Walker"s younger brother was stand-in for late sibling in "Furious 7"

Cody walker is now starring together himself.

The 27-year-old actor, who offered as a stand-in for his late brother Paul walker in “Furious 7,” will be co-starring in the brand-new Nicolas Cage movie, “USS Indianapolis: guys of Courage,” meeting reported.

that Cody Walker’s first major role. In “Furious 7,” he was supplied as Paul’s body dual when the film resumed shoot after Paul Walker’s untimely fatality in a vehicle crash.

“USS Indianapolis” involves the people War II ship that was torpedoed in the summer that 1945. About 300 men – of around 1,200 crewmen – passed away in the attack, and another 600 died after the ship went down. Simply 317 survived.

The actual life event is the subject of a famed speech in the movie “Jaws,” whose Capt. Quint is claimed to be a survivor.

Cody walker plays a crewman. Cage dram the ship’s captain, Charles butler McVay.

The brand-new film will certainly be directed by Mario valve Peebles.

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