Most people think that lettuce and also cabbage are basically the very same things. They are both green and also leafy, and also generally garbage by most of the kids of America. However, when it pertains to nutrition, taste, appearance, and how to flourish it, lettuce and cabbage room actually extremely different. Here"s what you must know about cabbage vs lettuce prior to you take it your next trip to the grocery store.

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Most civilization think that lettuce and cabbage are basically the same. However, castle are really different nutritionally. First of all, cabbage has a tiny under double of a variety of calories that lettuce has. Based on a 100-gram sample, cabbage had 25 calories and lettuce only had actually 14 calories. Cabbage additionally has over twice of the diet fiber that lettuce has, which renders it a good substitute in a salad.

The nutritional contents is also different between the two foods. Cabbage contains about 60% the the typical Vitamin C intake, when lettuce just has around 4% the the average Vitamin C intake needed. Cabbage likewise contains Vitamin B6, wherein lettuce walk not. In terms of vitamins and protein, cabbage is healthier than lettuce, since lettuce go not have actually much nutritional content.


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Many people assume that because cabbage and lettuce watch the same, they taste the same. Cabbage and lettuce room both green vegetables the have countless layers the leaves. However, cabbage is tougher and contains less water than lettuce does. These differences decide what the vegetables are supplied for. Cabbage is frequently boiled or steam or supplied in coleslaw. Lettuce is recognized for gift crunchy, i m sorry is why that is offered in salads or top top burgers.


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Cabbage is consisted of of a quick stem and also a head that creates a bulb-type shape. Although it is usually believed of as having a environment-friendly color, over there are likewise red and purple variations of cabbage. The external leaves space harder to eat, if the within ones are softer. That is thus that most human being eat the inside leaves and throw the end the outside leaves.

Lettuce, too, has actually a brief stem, but the pipeline wrap roughly one another, make lettuce look prefer one long stem. Lettuce has more chlorophyll, which renders it greener 보다 cabbage. Part of the lettuce plant likewise starts flowering, i m sorry is recognized as bolting. Lettuce is usually picked right prior to the bolting procedure begins.

Growing Conditions

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Cabbage deserve to be get an impression in a large variety of floor environments, however it must not be grown in soil that has a pH above 6.5. The root of the cabbage plant have a propensity to dried out an extremely easily, so the plant needs to be retained moist while that is growing. Cabbage likewise needs to it is in grown in a cool environment.

Lettuce, on the various other hand, needs to it is in grown in sandy soil with a pH that somewhere in between 6 and 7. Lettuce needs to it is in grown in the shade, however, so many farmers hang a cloth-like mesh over their cabbage plants to defend the plant from the sun. Lettuce, choose cabbage, also needs to be kept normally moist, since its pipeline will start to wilt if the is not maintained watered.

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In conclusion, lettuce and also cabbage may look comparable at times, but they are really different. They space grown in various conditions and acidities, taste different, all set different, and also can even be various colors.