gar, i thought i had read the label but it might have been before i figured out malt vinegar was not good but i realized tonight it had it as i was eating it. so o well, so far my stomach is turning a bit and i expect to get a little reaction but probably nothing really bad.

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o well

on a better note though i got to try redbridge and its not bad, i honestly am not a huge fan of beer (before i went gluten-free i wasnt a big fan of it and didnt plus still dont really drink much any way) but it is fine doesnt seem gluten-free and seems pretty light compared to normal beer.


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Posted April 12, 2009


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Posted April 12, 2009

If it was the ketchup, any gluten in it was probably due to an accidental contamination as Heinz lists their ketchup as gluten-free.

I used to work in a manufacturing facility for computers - a large computer maker (the biggest) - and have witnessed this many times first-hand. Companies, will not just dump a contaminated or defective product immediately. They will calculate statistical averages to weigh the costs/benefits. If they feel that the odds of losing money by not shipping a "problem" product are greater than shipping it, they will ship it.

IOW, if Heinz is aware that their product may contain gluten due to contamination, even though they advertise it to not contain gluten, they will ship it out if it could potentially lose them enough money. They will determine the odds that someone with an intolerance will consume the product and then determine how many of those will successfully trace their reaction back to their product and then of those who do, how many of those would actually file suit. Answer: not very likely. They will find ways to decrease these odds such as spreading out the "problem" product across a wider geographical region - mixing bad with good.

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This was my experience with Kroger Tortilla chips. I saw them on sale for a $1.00/bag (a really low price). Why would they be priced this low, were they just feeling friendly, did they produce too many chips and had to get rid of them? No. They were trying to quickly get rid of them because of a contamination but they probably didn"t realize there was a problem until they produced 1,000,000 bags of chips and they aren"t just going to trash that many bags and lose that much dollars.