I simply finished a simple geometry book. I am looking to learn whatever from the Algebra 2 curriculum because that highschool in the U.S. So is a university algebra textbook a great idea to walk through. My plan is to perform that, and then go v algebra 2 on cannes academy to to fill in any type of gaps. What perform you think about this. And is college algebra the exact same as Algebra 2 in the U.S?


Nooooooooo. Most college algebra textbooks (such as Lang's "Undergraduate Algebra") are really about abstract algebra, i m sorry is a MUCH more advanced subject.

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A couple of people execute take high institution algebra as college students, but that's quite rare; if there's a "college algebra" textbook you're considering, look inside a bit. If it's talking around groups, rings, fields, etc., that's not high school algebra.

Its a one by robert blitzer (I think it is his name) and also it's prefer quadratics, linear equations, matrices, and also stuff prefer that, it looks comparable to what i am act in algebra 1, however i dont know if that covers everything in algebra 2. Execute you recommend the book?

While I as well was puzzled the first time ns came across the phrase "college algebra," it seems very much the norm because that this to be basically indistinguishable native high institution algebra.

in the US, school math tends to cover beginning algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra, descriptive statistics, and also precalculus (college algebra + trigonometry)

so on Khan, will likely be „Linear equations, functions, and also graphs“ through „Two-variable inequalities“: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home

the 3rd or 4th (of 5) college of Chicago mathematics Project publication should be the ideal level, because that under $10 used, if you‘re interested in a an ext integrated technique that will save the geometry fresh because that trigonometry later

Depends -- in ~ our local ar college (2-year), the class named "College Algebra" is reasonably similar to Algebra 2, yes.

On khan Academy Algebra 2 has stuff prefer Trigonometry, Logarithms and complicated Number which room all teach in ninth to 12th grade. I’m not American however it must be comparable for there as well. So carry out Algebra 2 from khan Academy first.

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