Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage, married Mito Uzumaki right? therefore does the make him Naruto\"s great, great, great grandfather?


Well, both Naruto and also Hashirama Senju room reincarnations of Asura. Apart from that, Hashirama can not it is in Naruto\"s direct descendant together marrying come Mito Uzumaki walk not typical Mito Uzumaki is straight related come Kushina. There could be a slight chance, however the possibilities space endless, presume the Uzumaki clan is a big clan.

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I don\"t recognize anything once it pertains to user20385\"s answer since absolutely nothing is well-known on Minato \" s ancestry as to where his blonde hair came from, yet in relation to the actual question, correctly Naruto is technically - if distantly - regarded Hashirama.No, he\"s not Naruto \" s good great grand (Which would be the heat up considering Tsunade is his nephew and around 50 year old) together Tsunade and also Nawaki room the only two grandchildren known, (though we\"ve no idea if they had actually cousins) the whom only Tsunade endured to an er to bear children which it doesn\"t look like she did because Dan passed away early in one of the Ninja wars.

In the episode \"The orange spark\" and its following episode explaining Kushina \" s past, Kushina notes the the Senju and Uzumaki clans are far-off cousins i beg your pardon is greatly implied to be due to the fact that the Rikudou Sennin is their common ancestor by part colored art of the manga mirroring Hagoromo v the Uzumaki \" s famed red hair. (Though I\"ve no idea if these room Kishimoto\"s renditions or pan made) even if it is this is true or not is unexplained.They might just as likely be lower from a 2nd child born to Hagoromo\"s brother whose story is never explained outside your fight on the Juubi . This would certainly still do them far-off cousins nevertheless of if Homura or Asura is the clan\"s father.

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She additionally explains she was lugged from Uzu to it is in the following vessel due to the fact that Mito was up in age and also weakening, however it seemed still had a couple of good year left since she\"s seen helping Kushina adapt to and also prepare for life together a jinchuuriki. We execute not know regarding where in the clan Kushina or Mito autumn in through their births. (i.e. Civilization like come speculate in fanfics that they\"re both directly born from the head family and also as together are equivalent to Uzu royalty) If us were to think that is the case, climate at many it means Mito had a sibling whom had actually children and one that them provided birth come Kushina, make Mito her great Aunt. That would make Naruto the good great grand nephew come Mito yet no closer 보다 that in relation.

In conclusion, Naruto is regarded 4 the end of the 5 Hokage\"s in the series. At the very least as distant cousins as the clan\"s were really distantly related, and also possibly v Mito\"s marriage to Hashirama Senju as well, though maybe still relatively distantly. Though discovering Naruto, if the knew that this relation and also met Hashirama or Tobirama he\"d most likely still contact them both jiji