Reports of energy drinks leading to adverse health impacts on teens room becoming more common. Some have also been connected to deaths.

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Several execution of NOS energy Drink contain about 100mg an ext caffeine than the usual energy drink, and also therefore, teens could possibly uncover themselves overdosing an ext readily.

One such NOS Overdose

A Carl Junction, Missouri teenager recently had quite an experience after he drank NOS energy Drink.

Dakota sailor came house from school and decided he would certainly throw earlier not one, yet two can be ~ of NOS energy Drink. That is the last thing he remembers as his parents found him unconscious top top the sofa aspirating. He was rushed to the hospital and also recovered a couple of days later.

The physicians ran miscellaneous tests but concluded that it was most likely the energy drink the was the culprit in this incident. The doctors said the high doses of caffeine might have brought about his seizure.

Checking out the Caffeine Database, we check out that NOS has 260 milligrams that caffeine per deserve to so that puts seafarer at 520mg that caffeine native NOS plus the admitted come having extr caffeine earlier in the day. Note: NOS has actually reformulated their energy drink come contain 160 mg per can.

Normally, this lot of caffeine isn’t all over near a toxicity amount. Follow to fatality by Caffeine it would certainly take roughly 45 can be ~ of NOS to send you packing for the afterlife, however everyone is different and also some are much more sensitive come caffeine 보다 others. The teen obviously had a reaction to something.

Teens and also Parents room Urged come Heed have the right to Warnings

It is obvious in the case over that the teenager did no responsibly drink the product and also heed the warnings clearly printed top top the NOS can.

This situation really highlights the importance of not just reading but following the recommended and max dosage warning printed on NOS and also other power drinks.

Energy Drinks are NOT soda and shouldn’t be consumed as such. Frequently teens may need part guidance in this area together they don’t constantly make smart decisions for your health and wellbeing.

Steps parents deserve to take to stop teens native consuming as well much.

Ask questions. Speak to her kids and also find out what they room drinking throughout the day. Part parents may not even be aware their youngsters are drinking energy drinks.Accountability. Do your teenagers accountable because that what they spend their pin money or money on. Do them save receipts and also keep a budget. This teaches them money monitoring and enables you to watch what they room buying.
Teach them just how to review product labels and to look for warning information.

The reason this website exists is to educate the consumer about the caffeine levels of most of the energy drinks that are out there. This helps world be aware of just how much caffeine they are consuming and hopefully works to prevent accidental power drink overdoses, such as what occurred with this young man and NOS power Drink.

Source: The Joplin Globe



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