Many of the cup in our collection are made from pewter. Pewter is a steel alloy mostly made native tin, v the remainder commonly a mixture the copper, antimony, bismuth, and (sometimes) silver. Historically lead to be used however nowadays that’s not thought about a great idea (actually command is illegal in drinkware sold in the USA).

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Tin is one amazing steel in numerous ways, and is the fourth most high-quality precious metal in usual use ~ platinum, gold, and also silver. It have the right to be functioned in a the majority of ways and you can obtain a variety of really attractive finishes, for this reason it"s no surprise that it"s often used because that jewelry. But the trouble is the it’s rather soft in the pure kind and wouldn’t make a great cup. That’s where pewter comes in. Mix small amounts of copper and antimony into the tin and also it gets lot stronger and an ext durable, and also becomes a really practical product for drinkware and also all way of pewter gifts.

All of ours pewter is totally lead-free, and sourced from very reputable suppliers in west countries. Every one of our pewter is at the very least 92% tin, v the remainder being around 0.5% copper and about 7.5% antimony.

Is pewter safe?

Modern pewter from a western country is safe. Don’t just take our word for it. The FDA has regulations because that ‘food contact surfaces’ (and seemingly every little thing else) and also has no health pertains to relating to modern-day pewter. The FDA is ok through pewter containing less than 0.05% command (our pewter is lead-free), view FDA regulation 4-101.13(B).

Let’s look in ~ the three metals that go into pewter individually. After all, treat her pewter tankard properly and also it will last for numerous many years, but in the unlikely event that that did dissolve right into your beer in huge enough amounts (it won’t), it’s the tin, copper, and antimony that you would swallow with your beer.


Tin. Tin has actually been supplied for food and also drink containers because that centuries. Since 1812 it has actually been provided to cloak the inside of stole cans because that food storage (there are frequently other coatings offered nowadays), and that’s because tin has to be in contact with food for a lengthy time prior to the food i do not care dangerous. Unless you leave your beer in her tankard for a couple of weeks prior to drinking it you shouldn’t have any trouble (and the beer will certainly taste poor by then anyway whatever cup it’s in). In addition, tin has actually no known duty in the body of human beings or animals, and also isn’t conveniently absorbed.

Copper. Your body needs copper – it’s one of over 20 diet minerals essential to human life. The human body is also capable of getting rid the moderate overfill copper, when necessary.

However, the main suggest to make about copper is that your beer (almost certainly) come into contact with a lot an ext copper during the brewing procedure than it will in her tankard.

Antimony.Antimony is no harmful as a metal, and is resistant to attack by acids. It’s not good to be breathing (few steels are), yet we don’t recommend you perform that anyway.

Note the antique pewter or, occasionally cheaper east pewter, might contain lead. This has tendency to discolor gradually to a grey-blue color. Over time drinking a beverage native a tankard made of leaded pewter or lower qualities of pewter have the right to be an extremely bad for your health, and also we agree with the FDA the this is a poor idea. All of our pewter is fully lead-free.

Also, for the avoidance that doubt, choose most metals pewter is not safe in microwave ovens (there is a threat of fire). Us recommend drinking cold drinks just from ours cups, since pewter conducts heat and burnt lips hurt.

So why is pewter so good for tankards?

Pewter is practical. Pewter is durable, safe with beer (see above), straightforward to clean, and also (so lengthy as friend get contemporary lead-free pewter favor ours) won’t tarnish over time.

Why is pewter far better than stainless steel?

Yes, us know. Girlfriend can uncover any number of stainless stole tankards online, and they price is a lot less than a brand-new pewter mug. So why usage pewter?

Well, you can use stainless steel. It’s tougher than pewter and, so long as the surface isn’t scratched, won’t corrode in beer. Us don’t think that looks as good but that’s subjective.

However, the performance of a stainless steel tankard counts on what’s known as the ‘passive surface’ remaining intact, and also having accessibility to oxygen (in the air).

If stainless steel is scratched, perhaps during cleaning, climate it will certainly rust.If any residue remains stuck come a stainless stole tankard this will prevent oxygen getting to the passive layer and also will reason pitting underneath.Crevices in the stainless steel, such together at a join, may corrode due to lack the oxygen.

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Pewter is different. Her pewter’s resistance to corrosion is not dependent on a thin surface ar layer in the same way as stainless steel, and also scratches and dents accrued end years of enjoyment won’t reason your pewter come rust.

Plus, together stated above pewter is safe, practical, attractive, and also it’s the timeless choice. Why not find out how much fun your own pewter tankard have the right to be?

Where deserve to I purchase a contemporary pewter tankard?


Right right here in our keep of course! we stock a small but growing selection of pewter tankards and also beer mugs, all of which space made using modern-day lead-free pewter, and every one of which room handmade by really highly expert craftsmen (and women). If you"re not convinced, why not take a look at our gallery, or add your initials to a cup utilizing our distinct Virtual fact customization tool to preview your own engraved pewter tankard in 3d?

Our agency is focused on bringing you the best at a good price, so why not inspect us out and also see what we have?