When it concerns fictional animals capable of breaking the sound barrier, there"s no beating Sonic the Hedgehog, but would he be able to survive his very own super swiftness?

Sonic"s the star the the long-running Sega video clip game franchise, wherein he spins and rolls at breakneck speed in bespeak to loss the evil Dr. Robotnik. How quick does the go? as his name implies, the reaches sonic speeds, an interpretation that he deserve to travel as rapid as a soundwave through Earth"s atmosphere: roughly 767 mile (1,235 kilometers) per hour, relying on air temperature. He additionally becomes "Super Sonic," for this reason it"s for sure to i think he above the speed of sound as well.

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That"s incredibly fast! think about that the world"s faster organism, the peregrine falcon, just reaches a maximum speed of 200 mile (323 kilometers) per hour. For sustained speeds, the cheetah is Sonic"s closest competitor at a just 70 mile (113 kilometers) every hour. Sonic smokes lock both.

So can Sonic realistically handle supersonic speeds? Let"s think around it. Human beings routinely rest the sound barrier in supersonic aircraft. Board the now-discontinued Concorde, passengers might even enjoy an in-flight meal. Yet this is all within the synthetic confines of one airplane. All Sonic has is his incredible body.

Because his body WOULD need to be incredibly solid and resilient to attain and make it through the wear and also tear that supersonic speed – also if he"s rolling with smooth tubes and chutes half the time. As "The Physics that Superheroes" author James Kakalios clues out, a super-fast organism choose The speed would require super-healing abilities to rapidly recover indigenous the physical damage of each acceleration – come say nothing of smashing into things. The same goes because that Sonic.

But climate again, if we"re to assume Sonic"s types evolved to reach together high speeds, he have to be sturdy enough to survive it — at least in the quick term. So probably he does have the type of enhanced healing speeds necessary to save all his bones and ligaments indigenous snapping.

Or are we being too tough on Sonic? He"s a hedgehog that chases coins throughout a pinball see and, in later on games, achieves faster-than-light travel. Plus, he"s still going solid after more than 27 years.

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Now That"s Interesting!

As pointed out by duke University"s Patek Labs, various animals are capable of incredible speeds when it involves parts of their anatomy, such together the mantis shrimp"s 3-millisecond society strikes. There"s even a hypothesis that primitive sauropods might have whipped your tails at sonic speed like a bullwhip, but it remains fairly controversial.