Don't hate me. I'm simply asking. You're totally free to love the music friend want. I'm a pan of a tape too but there's to be a most Satanic ingredient in music and also I'd dislike to think that mechanism does that stuff too.

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I recognize they're much more political 보다 anything. The just songs I've heard that have directly referenced God or holy figures straight is Chop Suey and even climate I'm not sure if that's directly definition to insult God or if they're plan to mean something else. Climate i saw someone saying the text from BYOB that say

" Everybody's going to the party have a real good time dance in the desert Blowing up the sunshine"

are "clearing talking around satan top God's children" and that SOAD motivates sacrificing and also things favor that. Is this pure nonsense or is there any kind of grounds to believe they're satanic at all?

P.S you re welcome please don't hate. The band seem like really lovely guys

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Gonna crap my way to the garden, need anything? A mommy Fucker?
No, they are not at every Satanic in that way- I've to be listenin' come them because that a while and also I've to be looking right into their songs and their lyrics for a while, too- and also I open minded haven't seen anything pertained to worshipping Satan at all-

in all of their music, they've only stated the evil one maybe as soon as in their song "DDevil" yet it wasn't also in a satanic way

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A many metaphors but the tape isn't really spiritual in any type of way. Chop Suey is a song around domestic abuse and also suicide, and my translate is about a human who's questioning God why is this happening to them, as numerous suicidal/abuse victims do.

Everybody's going to the party have a real great time dancing in the desert Blowing increase the sunshine

Byob is a song about war and also genocide and facism. I'm not entirely sure what this expression means, however I certainly do no think it's around Satan. Mine guess is that it's a comparison to what presidents that send your soldiers to war experience and also what the soldiers in reality experience. They're out partying having actually a good time if soldiers room in deserts dying. The presidents room the ones blowing increase sunshine while at the same time at safe home.

Also, DDevil has a very obvious reference to the devil, but it appears the track is talking around humans and selfishness, the devil being a symbol for that.

Genocidal Humanoidz also outright claims the devil. No round about ways to vaguely cite the devil. Lock aren't fear to just straight up mention the devel. Yet again it's a metaphor for awful and also outright deadly leaders.

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The devil could literally be referred to as evil fairly than the devil in both of this situations, however devil has much more connotative stamin than evil.