When Walt tasiilaq.net animation Studios brought the human being of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ well known novel, Tarzan the the Apes, to life in 1999, we instantly dropped in love v Phil Collins’ and also Mark Mancina’s catchy songs, the talented voice acting, and also the innovative animation techniques that were lugged to the table. The film was vibrant, fun, and most importantly, a magical movie we’ll never ever forget. To celebrate our admiration for it, we’ve compiled an interesting list of things you could not have known around Tarzan. Enjoy!

1. The took 3 years for animators come come up v the opened sequence.

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Before settling on the version we view in the film, filmmakers invested three years deciding how they wanted it to start. When one version began with the gorillas in the jungle, an additional left out Tarzan’s come by watercraft all together.

2. Rosie O’Donnell also provides the voice for infant Terk.


In enhancement to giving the adult voice because that Tarzan’s ideal friend Terk, O’Donnell lent her voice to the infant version. After no one of the children who auditioned for the duty were may be to complement the famed actress’ sassy attitude, they chose to stick v her and also tweak the pitch of she voice.

3. The film’s third act was practically entirely different.


In among the earlier treatments the the script, Tarzan was in reality going to leaving the jungle and go come England—which is other that happens in the book. But, ultimately, directors chris Buck and Kevin Lima determined that it would certainly be far better if Tarzan stayed with his family.

4. Phil Collins created the mass of “You’ll be in mine Heart” while he to be at a Christmas party.


While playing the piano in ~ a neighbor’s residence over the holidays, Collins composed down the chords and also melody because that the emotional song on the earlier of some wrapping paper so he i will not ~ forget. Afterwards, he videotaped a fast demo and sent it off to filmmakers.

5. The baboon chase sequence was among the first scenes to be storyboarded.


The scene was likewise pretty complex. In fact, a distinct animation technique called “Deep Canvas” (which was offered for that sequence) was produced specifically because that the film. Basically, it permits a 2D personality to move easily through a 3D created environment. The end result is just stunning.

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6. Glen Keane oversaw adult Tarzan’s computer animation from Paris.


After supervising the computer animation of several characters (including Beast, Ariel, Aladdin, and Pocahontas) the tasiilaq.net veteran agreed come supervising Tarzan as an adult as long as he can remain in Paris (where he to be on a one year sabbatical to examine sculpture). He cleared up of tasiilaq.net’s animation Studios in Paris. That way Tarzan and also Jane were animated in fully different countries!

7. In an previously version of the script, Tantor to be an adult as soon as Tarzan met him.


Eventually, filmmakers determined to do the elephant a kid, prefer Terk and also Tarzan. He was voiced by a 4-year-old actor, who at the time had to have actually the lines read to him, since he hadn’t yet learned come read.

8. Phil Collins did all of the percussion sound in “Trashin’ the Camp.”


The songwriter recalled going around the studio and also banging things with his hands (and sticks), breaking cups, and also even hitting self in the forehead to develop the sounds heard in the sequence.

9. Keane drew inspiration because that Tarzan’s “tree surfing” native his 15-year-old son.


In addition to pulling from the source material, Keane recalls being inspired by his son, who had been into watching excessive sports, and also skateboarding/rollerblading v his friends in ~ the time. With the help of the new “Deep Canvas” technique, Keane played with the notion of Tarzan “surfing with the trees.” the idea made it come the final version the the film in the “Son of Man” sequence.

10. The hand-to-hand motif was inspired by Keane’s personal life.

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According to Keane, the motif explored several times transparent the film (with both Kala and Jane) was influenced by the an initial time he hosted his daughter after ~ she was born, and also the “remarkable deep connection” the felt at recognizing self in her. He wanted Tarzan to endure that same sense that recognition. He came up with the idea to have actually Tarzan’s hand flatten out as he touched Jane’s, and also sketched that while he was riding in a taxi.