In the last 10 days, I have actually repeatedly seen instances of a stunner comma use. Every one appeared at the finish of an email. All these instances are real and also wrong:

Thank girlfriend for your request,

I'll view you then,

Thank girlfriend for your time and patience in this matter,

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Let me recognize if friend have any type of questions, 

Please write if girlfriend have any questions, 

Thank girlfriend again, 

These space sentences! Sentences end with a duration (full stop)–not a comma.

I attribute this climb comma top top the widespread usage of \"Thanks\" as a totally free close in emails. Human being have been adhering to \"Thanks\" v a comma. Ns don't recommend a comma after ~ \"Thanks\" (I usage a period), but its use is too popular to controversy with. (In truth, I always offer specific thanks, as in \"Thank girlfriend for her help\" or \"Thank you again for her order.\")

Despite the use of \"Thanks\" followed by a comma together a totally free close, have the right to we please stop using commas after closing sentences? 

Are you through me ~ above this one? 

LynnSyntax Training 

P.S. Punctuation because that Professionals, my online self-study course, will aid you know precisely where dot goes–and why. 

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