We have actually been asked occasionally to supply microwave ovens the output even less than the usual 500 watt microwaves that we currently sell.

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Just come confirm, a microwave stove draws virtually twice the strength in watt that that produces in microwave energy (also watts). Regrettably our 500 watt ovens require a little an ext than a 1000 watt generator will cope with – lock draw about 1150 watts.

We have just provided on ours website by special order a microwave the draws much less than 1000 watt so it will certainly run on a 1000 watt generator.

It outputs 320 watts microwave energy however importantly draws just 810 watts.

We have only a couple of of this so don’t store them in stock however can do them come order usually within a few days.

Please monitor the links over for an ext information or click here to watch the item in our catalogue.

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