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You’d be mistaken for reasoning that you can’t acquire Lowes items indigenous their united state online store, transport to Puerto Rico.

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According to your website, lock don’t delivery to Puerto Rico, so it is it, right?

Wrong! If you’ve constantly been prevented indigenous buying Lowes’ recent items, you will do it be excited to understand that you need suffer no more.

There is a means to get online Lowes commodities from the USA delivered to your door.

How to deliver Items native the Lowes Online store to Puerto Rico

First off, you’ll need a genuine U.S. Address. There’s no 2 ways about it.

How room you claimed to obtain a actual U.S. Deal with if you don’t live in the USA? asking a friend? What if friend don’t understand anybody in the joined States?

Don’t worry, it’s a lot much easier than it sounds!

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If friend look roughly online, you’ll discover a bunch of providers in the U.S. Offering physical United states addresses come customers located overseas.

These companies carry out addresses for this particular use case, and they’ll even assist ship your packages directly to you.

This form of business is referred to as Freight Forwarding.

You simply register an account with a Freight Forwarder, and also they’ll administer you with a U.S. Based address.

You then usage this attend to for your deliveries, and they’ll instantly forward them to your home country.


MyUS is our personal favorite Freight Forwarder.

They incorporate a reliable and also convenient organization with a same price. They perform not charge added taxes or unnecessary fees and also have a reasonably low rate.

Since working v them, we have actually conveniently and inexpensively shipped countless packages internationally.

Whether you buy assets from Lowes or another U.S.-based company, MyUS lets you conveniently ship them come your new physical U.S.-based address.

Buy her Product(S) native the Lowes digital Store

The freight forwarder accepts the parcel on your behalf.

Once the package is received, the freight forwarder will certainly ship the package straight to you in Puerto Rico.

If you have several packages, MyUS can bundle the packages into one order. That way you’ll receive all of your items together instead of one in ~ a time.

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The benefit of this service is you deserve to order from almost everywhere in the unified States and get your items shipped to Puerto Rico.