There is no TV with sufficient pixels to rival the experience of city hall a great movie in an really movie theater. Sorry Samsung, it’s true. I very first figured this out once Fenzel and I walk to view Superman at a midnight showing years ago. I prospered up with that movie, and knew the backwards and also forwards… however I’d only ever seen it on VHS. Sit in a genuine movie theater, listening the john Williams score, and also seeing the “S” logo ten feet tall totally floored me.

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Anyway, critical week, I obtained the opportunity to watch It’s a exorbitant Life projected from a actual print. It to be scratched together hell and barely audible at times, and also I quiet cried like a baby for at least a third of it. And I also managed to notification a couple of things come Overthink™.

1. The movie yes, really goes out of its means to emphasize the publication Clarence the Guardian angel is reading. Here’s part of the opened scene, taken from a transcript:

CLARENCE: ns mean, uh, might I possibly win my wings? I’ve been wait for over two hundred years now, sir, and people are beginning to talk.

HEAD ANGEL: What’s that book you’ve got there?

CLARENCE: Oh, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

HEAD ANGEL: Clarence, you carry out a good job with George Bailey and also you’ll acquire your wings.

Am ns the just one who thinks that seems kind of shoehorned in there?

(SIDE NOTE: This seems like kind the a grim see of Heaven. Negative Clarence spends centuries of chasing ~ the brass ring, while enduring the gossip of various other angels.)

(SIDE keep in mind 2: It’s never explained exactly why Clarence hasn’t been able to obtain his wing – presumably, the hasn’t to be a very successful angel. You re welcome please, somebody compose some pan fiction around all the human being he failed to convince not to kill themselves.)

Sawyer comes earlier shortly after Clarence beginning the movie in corporeal form. He and George are warming themselves by a fire after your dunk in the river, and Clarence says:

Oh, Tom Sawyer‘s dry out, too. You need to read the new book note Twain’s creating now.

And then Sawyer it s okay a starring duty at the really end, once George finds Clarence’s copy on optimal of his enormous pile of money.


(SIDE keep in mind 3: Clarence follows his salutation with a colon and a dash. Maybe that’s grammatically exactly in Heaven, but here on planet it’s a bit tacky.)

Anyway, it’s clear the filmmakers want united state to notice Tom Sawyer. Why? ns mulled end it because that a while, and also I’m pretty sure it’s because of 3 chapters around halfway into the novel.

Tom, Huck, and the significantly less well-known Joe Harper run away from residence to live top top a surrounding island. ~ a pair days, they see the townspeople dredging the river, and also realize everyone must think they’re dead. Tom sneaks ago home that night, and listens come his Aunt Polly crying her eyes the end over him. Later, the 3 boys hide the end in the church and hear their own eulogy.

It’s a exorbitant Life was definitely not directly inspired through Tom Sawyer. It was an adaptation the a 1943 brief story referred to as “The best Gift,” i beg your pardon you can read here. Yet I think the screenwriters average to imply that Clarence the point of view gets the idea of reflecting George the civilization without the from his present reading material. Plus, the final scene the George beaming as the whole community joins in song is storage of Sawyer’s return:

Suddenly the minister shouted at the peak of his voice: “Praise God from whom every blessings circulation — SING! — and also put her hearts in it!”

And lock did. Old hundred swelled up with a triumphant burst, and also while it shook the rafters Tom Sawyer the Pirate looked approximately upon the envying juveniles around him and also confessed in his heart the this to be the proudest minute of his life.

Still, this is a pretty obscure allusion, and I’m not convinced it’s intentional. I wouldn’t it is in surprised if Clarence was only reading Tom Sawyer to create his simple, childlike character. Moving on…

2. As soon as George sees what life would be prefer without him, we recognize the factor behind a many what’s different. His old employee at the pharmacy visited jail for poisoning a kid, since George wasn’t roughly to prevent it. His small brother died young, since George wasn’t over there to traction him the end of the freeze water. However here’s other curious – it’s snowing easy in the real Bedford Falls. However in bizarro Bedford Falls, it’s not.

You deserve to see this throughout George’s climactic prayer, as soon as the snow resumes abruptly the prompt he it s okay his wish.


George’s absence somehow adjusted the weather. And also actually, i don’t uncover this far-fetched. George not being born changes the stays of hundreds of people, and also those changes effect thousands more. And also given how complex and finicky the weather is, a snow storm being transformed seems entirely plausible.

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Nevertheless, I obtained to thinking about what, specifically, might have had this effect. My ideal guess is it’s Sam Wainwright’s plastics factory. You more than likely don’t psychic that, since it sort of paris by in the center of a cute courtship scene. George is end at Mary’s residence when she gets a contact from his old frenemy, who desires to open up a factory in Rochester. George, never absent an chance to assist out the town, has a better idea:

Why not right here? friend remember the old tool and also machinery works? Well, girlfriend tell her father he can obtain that because that a song. And all the job he wants, too. Fifty percent the town was thrown out of job-related when castle closed down.

So basically, George single-handedly gets a factory constructed in town… which proceeds to spew pollution for the next ten years. In bizarro Bedford Falls, the factory doesn’t get built. The occupants presumably continue to live in excessive poverty, but the wait is cleaner. View what I’m gaining at here? A few thousands tons of CFC’s released into the setting could certainly screw through a few clouds, right?

3. After George’s dad dies, Potter tries to shut under the Building and Loan. Watching the movie native the vantage suggest of 2008, his discussion seemed uncomfortably timely: