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I came across one of these on the web. Room they a great little shotgun?How walk the lever activity work?What perform you use it for?I was thinking about getting one, but I execute not recognize much about them.

The version 66 is a single shot. The lever simply opens the activity like ~ above a H&R. I looks good. They made them in 12,20, and 410.I have been tempted a couple of times to choose one up yet still have actually not.
The design 66 to be the an initial shotgun I ever owned. It was a Christmas present when i was 11. This one was a 20 ga with a 28 in mod. Barrel. The lever only opened up the barrel. Mine didn"t have an ejecter only extractor. You had to penis the hammer similar to on most single barrels. It had no recoil pad and also kicked me around pretty good. That didn"t matter much come me "cause it to be my first and i didn"t know any kind of better. Ithaca also made a single shot 22 at the same time,but ns don"t remeber the model #.
I gained one that these small babies in .410 as soon as I was 12. Ns am currently 48 and still usage it. It works an excellent on rabbit and also squirrel. Ns knocked the front bead off the first time out. I replaced it and also broke it off right away. Due to the fact that then it has had no prior bead. The shoots good and is light together a feather, an excellent to bring all day. That is a good beginners shotgun because it doesn"t kick choose a mule. I have actually taken my child out through it and I plan to hand it under to him. I think my Dad payed $35 for it brand-new in the box. This might not it is in an ornate gun but it is an extremely utile. I hope to save it in the family for generations to come.
I have actually one in 20 and also 12 ga. They are alot of fun, on chance I take the 12 to the river to jump shoot mallards, very great practice as the 2nd shot is a tiny slow. They do a great conversation item too, my buddies come look in the pistol case and also say what caliber is that bar gu..err..shotgun? that a shooting gun?
I have actually an Ithaca model 66 at sight single. 12 gauge 3 inch chamber rifle sights. It was my first deer gun,and the ideal shooting smooth bore cheese gun i have ever before shot.This total is a good beginner gun,it teaches a hunter to make the first shot count. I was really quick on a second shot as soon as I carried this gun regularly,but learned to make one shot count.For a beginning of the person a smaller sized gauge would certainly be better, I have actually never shooting a 3 inch covering out that this tiny gun however the consistent 2 3/4 customs shot shell or slug kicks pretty good. The muzzle raises alot also when stop the pistol solidly on your shoulder kinda favor a high caliber pistol. The brief barrel top top this gun provides it simple to carry and a an excellent brush gun. It comes up fast and points easily.Happy shoot to all
I have actually one, I got it together my very first shotgun, ago in 1968. Still use it today, good little shotgun, my children like it, and like come shoot trap v it.

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I bought a version 66 in a pawn shop in north Carolina in 1982 because that $25.00 and I obtained my an initial deer with it in 85. Mine has actually a 24 in barrel through flip up sites and orange former site. The complete was poor on the receiver for this reason I had it powder coated in ~ work. That looks good and shoots great. I"ve had alot of supplies on it yet it"s kind of unique. I think I"ll keep it
Hey all, I have actually a super 66 in .410 that a fun little gun. Likewise its because that sale if anyones interested...Thanks JIM..E-MAIL
Huntswithdogs: The solitary shot .22 Ithaca you pointed out is the Saddlegun. I very own two and also they space a the majority of fun come shoot. A Martini activity mated to a Winchester 94 "look".
I was provided one and my brothers once I was 13 years old i am 50 now and I to be curious to know its estimated value. The is in great condition, so room my brothers. Please help if you can. Many thanks steve
i have a 12 ***** m66 super solitary model in DESPERATE need of a barrel, if anyone has actually ONE OR KNOWS just how I can GET ONE please email me at say thanks to you
Bumping this thread up again.... I just picked up a 20ga M66 with a 28" bbl, but I"m having trouble identifying the choking restriction. I experienced a thread whereby folks discussed that it need to be stamped top top the left side of the barrel just above the next of the receiver, however all I have there is a number "4" stamped in the spot.Does the "4" indicate choke or is there somewhere else I must look?One other question: Ideally, I"d choose to reduced this stock down around 2" and include a 1" recoil pad to do the gun more comfortable for my wife. I"d never ever do this come a standard shotgun, however is this thought about OK v a M66, or would I be committing a sin?Thanks for any kind of help!/edit - oops... In yet another thread I observed that the "4" indicates a complete choke for other Ithaca models... Go that host true for the M66 together well?
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