Jack the clubs method a good friend and sincere lover. He is a slightly dangerous flatterer, friendly, enterprising, skillful and also brave young man. Because that a woman, this card represents she fiancé. For a man, jack of clubs way a an ext successful and wealthier rival. This card additionally signifies education and also intelligence.

Quick check: is Jack that clubs in your cards today? space you friend going to satisfy a lover, a girlfriend or a rival?






Happy boyfriend, thank you very much lover, contempt dangerous flatterer, Friendly, enterprising, skillful, brave young man; that is the definition of this map taken in isolation.

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This Jack or, better to speak – Valet – has many certain meanings the are much more or much less favourable.

Isolated, pulled from a deck by a young girl or woman, he represents she fiancé, a dark, ethical and an excellent young man; yet if that is between two spades, his family and also friends will oppose the marriage. It will certainly take ar anyway, despite all the resistance.

For a young man, he represents his more successful and wealthier rival; but in between two love cards, this rival will be ousted.

For a divorced human or a widower, it’s the announcement of his/her next marriage.

Finally, by any type of other person, this map ensures complete success in everything they would do.

Having top top the ideal a

Spade: friend will accomplish a young male who has actually just end up being rich or famous. This is your chance. Don’t waste it.

Heart: an OK, yet not an excellent boyfriend or girlfriend. You deserve to do far better in love. However, if he or she is generous in bed and also thinks of you, this omen can be misleading. Count all the love cards the you draw. If you get many – perhaps the other cards space trying to tell girlfriend something far better about your Jack of clubs.

Diamond: wrong idea. Everything you space stubbornly convinced and also arguing about – take it a second look.

Club: Difficulties. – hold-up of a marriage because of insufficient riches or uncertain career.

Having top top the left a

Spade: brand-new acquaintance that a quite brown (brunet) boy, but an extremely silly, although believing himself to it is in spiritual. Contact spade a spade, and call stupid a stupid.

Heart: Discreet love. – useful friend.

Diamond: Visit the a “bon vivant” friend, that will bring you joy and happiness.

Club: finish success in any business decision the you room agonising about.


Between 2 spades: Delayed marriage which will just take location after meeting and also gaining the favour that the parents.

Between 2 hearts: Rivalry that will not it is in fatal, but very very damaging. If you understand who your rival is – to win first.

classic American cartomancy​:
Young gentle man of dark complexion


Jack of Clubs—Upright.

As a representative of one individual, this map denotes a young male of middling dark complexion, kind, gentle and also docile through nature, sedate and domestic in his habits, and also studious v inclination. He is a warmth friend and faithful admirer.

Coming out in the oracle of a young lady, this map is the representative of her lover, without respect come his shade or other qualifications, denoting just the human indicated.

The major signification of this card, divested the its representative character, is a scholar or lover of knowledge, while its second attributes room expressed in the synonyms:

Study; instruction; application; meditation; reflection; labor; toil; work; occupation; apprentice; student; disciple; pupil; master.

Another signification of this card, governed according to its surroundings in the

oracle, is prodigality, whence are obtained synonyms as follows:

Profusion; superfluity; luxury; largess; bounty; sumptuousness; magnificence; liberality; benefits; generosity; charity; benevolence; a crowd; a multitude; depredation; dilapidation; pillage; dissipation.

Jack the Clubs—Reversed.

As a representative of one individual, this card designates a bachelor, a the shade darker, and of a much more determined character than the young man above described. The may similarly represent that exact same young man in a state of anger or ~ above a ailing bed.

Its especial signification, however, is delirium, whence we have actually as secondary attributes or synonyms:

Frenzy; aberration of mind; wandering of the brain; unseated reason; fury; rage; fever; enthusiasm; imbecility; imprudence; distraction; apathy; delirium tremens; intoxication; mind fever.


The Knave that Clubs

As a Master-Card, Relationship with a well-meaning, however over-rash and also hasty or sanguine Man ; not necessarily but likely rather youthful, and selfish in inclination, or too quickly influenced by rather of higher art : one Associate, partner, friend, or Employee in some issue of worth. Not to it is in relied on as one would certainly gladly do.

Influenced by his prefer suit, Circumstances aid him or make of less or an ext account his weakness or strength.

By a Heart, that is skinny to it is in led by tastes and also passions and by expert flattery, or to overtrust.

By a Diamond, the is in love through externals, fond that dress, or notice, or pleasure; ambitious.

By a Spade, he meets through Losses come himself and also the Querist, or he provides some details Error or False Step.


Jack of clubs card title – Flatterer

A young enterprising male with great prospects. Your close girlfriend or a guy in partnership with you. He will certainly tell you points that desire to hear, that will try to safeguard your feelings. It’s not lying, but it’s no the truth either.

If reversed – dangerous flatterer, who is as well nice to be decent. A missed partnership or marriage.



In a scene comparable to the former, a young man stands in the plot of proclamation. He is unknown however faithful, and his tidings are strange.

Divinatory Meanings: Dark young man, faithful, a lover, an envoy, a postman. Alongside a man, he will bear favorable testimony worrying him. A danger rival, if followed by the web page of Cups. Has the chief characteristics of his suit. He may denote family intelligence.

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Reversed: Anecdotes, announcements, evil news. Additionally indecision and also the instability i beg your pardon accompanies it.