J-Boog is a singer, rapper, actor, and dancer who made appearances in movies like You got Served (2004) and Step increase 2: The Streets (2008).
He is known among R&B enthusiasts for his time in B2K, an early 2000s rap team he formed with Lil Fizz, Omarion and also Raz-B. The music artist has also been attributed for creating movies prefer Always & 4Ever (2018) and also Fall Girls (2019) amongst a couple of more.

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Love and Hip Hop Drama, Accusations

J-Boog to be accused of having an intimate partnership with Omarion’s mother, Leslie Burell, in November the 2019. The tea was apparently spilled as soon as a confrontation in between Lil Fizz and also his ex Moniece Slaughter took place throughout the shooting of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Reunion. Another cast In Love and also Hip Hop:- Love and Hip Hop"s Apple watt Bio: from Age, Dad To dating StatusOmarion there is no commented on the worry yet and is trying come steer clean of the drama. However, the relationship amongst the former B2K members has grown strained. Top top 26th November 2019, Omarion announced the second installment that the Millenium Tour. The tour starts in 2020, however the members of B2K will not be ~ above tour.

Married? Kids

J-Boog is still a bachelor. He does, however, have three kids: daughter Anaia Jolie Houston (born 3 October 2005), and also sons Jarell Damonte Houston Jr. (born 14 December 2006) and also Tru Carter Houston (born 12 November 2009) from his previous relationship with Jondelle Michelle Lee.

Domestic Violence Allegations

Back in 2010, J-Boog to be arrested for domestic violence on 4th January. His neighbors had reportedly overheard screams comes from his house and called the cops.Shortly afterward, he reached out come his pan saying the reason of his arrest to be a web traffic violation. That went on to add that he respected women and also would never struggle or injure any kind of that came right into his life.

Age & Career

J-Boog’s genuine name is Jarell Damonte Houston. He to be born ~ above 11th august 1985 in Los Angeles California. He first rose to fame with B2K in 2002 once they exit their very first album named B2K in 2002. Every one of the group’s song did particularly well; unfortunately, the group break-up in 2004.
J-Boog through the members the B2K (Photo: urbanislandz.com)After his time through B2K, he partnered through Lil Fizz to do the album, Night Life. He additionally partnered through his cousin, Marques, and became the vice president of the Marques Houston Film manufacturing Company. With this company, he was able to show up in Step increase 2: The Streets.Another action Up Cast:- Adam G. Sevani Wife, Girlfriend, Family, NowSo far, he has acted in eight movies and also produced seven.

Interesting Facts

According to celebritynetworth.com, J-Boog has actually a network worth of $2 million.He got his phase name native his grandmother.

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The rapper has an larger brother, Terrance, and also an older sister named Nia.