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item Description: analyze descriptionThe Sears J. C. Higgins model 30 rifle is chambered for 22 LR only and also was designed and also manufactured through High traditional for Sears Roebuck and Co. From 1953 to 1957. This design 30 was made circa 1955 and also features a smooth walnut stock with overlapping recipient ears, 24" barrel, flexible elevator behind sight, ramped dovetail front sight and retractable nylon sling. This gun is showing some wear but has a sharp clean bore and appears to it is in in great working order.
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Internet Premium : 15%This auction agency offers a 5% discount come the net Premium once paying by cash or check. Please view Payment Instructions below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:5% joining Requirements: Valid credit transaction Card required for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order, pay Pal, wire Transfer, and CashVisaMasterCardDiscoverAmerican ExpressPayment Instructions: our Terms room very basic and simple to understand, therefore please check out them completely before bidding.1- over there is a 10% Buyers Premium if paying by cash, check, money stimulate or PayPal. (If making use of PayPal, Please select "Family & Friends" So that No Fees space Added)2- there is a 15% Buyers Premium if payment by credit card. (The map on paper will be provided unless otherwise instructed)3- every BUYERS plan TO salary BY CASH, CHECK, MONEY stimulate OR PAYPAL should EMAIL united state BY MONDAY, DECEMBER 14th in ~ 5:00 pm.4- We will certainly charge the credit transaction card on document for each buyers purchase on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15th (UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED)5- SHIPPING expense - 1 lengthy Gun ($50.00) 1 Handgun ($30.00) - $10.00 for Each added Gun (REGARDLESS IF the IS A lengthy GUN OR HANDGUN)Shipping instances - (1 lengthy gun & 1 handgun = $60) (2 long weapons = $60) (2 handguns = $40)6- Items might be choose up to stop shipping costs. (Transfer Paperwork & Illinois Holding durations Apply)(If You room A Dealer Or will Be choose Up for A Dealer, No Paperwork Is Need, however You Will need To bring A Copy Of her License with You)7- over there is a $15 every gun paperwork fee. This fees goes come our in-house FFL for running each gun through their books. This dues still applies to weapons being shipped.8- ALL guns BEING SHIPPED, must BE shipped TO an FFL OR C&R (If Applicable) - THIS has BLACK powders & ANTIQUES9- Each effective buyer will get a final Invoice ~ the conclusion the the auction. This email will certainly come from tasiilaq.net.11- The last Invoice emailed ~ the auction will encompass all fees. (Buyers Premium, Paperwork Fees & Shipping). If you pick up her items, we will deduct the shipping expense from her invoice. Please email united state if you plan to choose up her guns.12- If a buyers credit transaction card on paper is "DECLINED" there will be a $20 charge each time it does no go through.13 - there is NO SALES TAX14 - If you require to call us PLEASE email - perform NOT call UNLESS the IS one EMERGENCY15- our Email attend to Is - auction
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