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I"ve got a JC HIGGINS model 88 that was made for Sears & Roebuck. The store directory number is 583.880 and also the serial number is very low in ~ 311. I believe the day of produce is 1955? My inquiry is value of pistol (90%) and also whether or not such a serial number adds worth to the revolver? thank you...BW
The design 88 is the High traditional Sentinel, The Standard brochure of firearms reads that the Sentinel was created Sears type 1959 till 1965. The serial numbers because that the Sears weapons don"t it seems to be ~ to follow the conventional H/S format. I can"t see just how the short serial number would include any value. If it to be a 1873 Colt, climate yes, A High Standard profession name, no. Your picture is too dark to view the condition, but be mindful that trade name weapons will market for less ( as much as 20 % much less ) than if it had actually the parental company"s surname roll significant across the barrel. My publication shows a Sentinel is listed at as much as 300 in excellent, Yours maybe 250. Others might have an ext or more valid info on your revolver.

RJay has actually it right. Low serial numbers add no value to this firearms. I doubt that $200 would certainly be the optimal value - probably $250 if it is in superb condition, has good lock up and fires well. Castle aren"t sought after ~ by collectors. The pistol you have isn"t something special. I understand you hoped because that it being so. Welcome to this forum. We room all right here to assist and we won"t lie to you.Will
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Best info websites available on the Sentinel. Http:// would certainly disagree around the collector attention aspect. Altho not "highly" collectible together per old Colts/Winchesters, there is a growing collector interest in High traditional firearms. Mainly the .22 cal semi auto"s. But additionally in recent years expanding to the revolvers. And since that is thought that the Sentinel revolver was actually designed in ~ the request of and for Sears as an inexpensive "tackle box" gun. Therefore the Sears models are amongst the earliest and also don"t it seems ~ to endure from the usual store brand stigma. In reality some version 88"s room even more collectible because of a distinctive format of cylinder flutes, cylinder release pin and/or indexing system that was later changed.With your very low serial number, I would suspect man Stimson would certainly be interested in hearing indigenous you.And that would definitely be her best resource of info. Man is energetic on the High typical forum.