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Under normal use, the serpentine journey belt have to be inspected at about 45,000 mile or ~ 3-4 years of service. If not changed at this time, the belt have to be confirm each extr year or 15,000 miles. Under severe and also off-road conditions inspect the belt annually. When diagnosing serpentine drive belts, little cracks that run throughout ribbed surface of belt from rib to rib are considered normal. These are not a reason to replace the belt. However, cracks running lengthwise follow me a rib (not across) space not normal. Any belt v cracks to run lengthwise along a rib need to be replaced. Also replace the belt if that has excessive wear, frayed cords or significant glazing.

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Warning: feather tensioners have to not it is in disassembled since of high feather tension. The tensioner unit is serviced together an assembly.

3.0L V6 diesel engine:


3.0 Engine belt routing and also tensioner release location

3.7L / 4.7 V8 engine:



3.7L / 4.7 engine belt routing and also tensioner relax location

5.7L / 6.1 V8 engine:


5.7L / 6.1 engine belt routing and also tensioner relax location

Belt removal:

NOTE: If noþeles differs in between the images shown above and the Belt Routing label (located in the engine compartment), usage the schematic top top the Routing Label.


1. Disconnect an adverse battery cable indigenous battery.

On 3.0L engines, usage a 12 point, 17mm socket and also a lengthy handle ratchet (3/8″ drive) to rotate the accessory journey belt tensioner (5) counterclockwise till it contacts its stop. Remove accessory drive belt. Slowly rotate the belt tensioner back into its freearm position.

On 3.7L and 4.7L engines, use a 15mm socket wrench to turn belt tensioner clockwise until it contact its stop. Remove belt and slowly revolve the tensioner right into the freearm prevent position.

On 5.7L and 6.1L engines, eliminate the air intake tube in between intake manifold and air filter assembly. Making use of a 3/8″ square drive ratchet end, release the belt anxiety by rotating the tensioner clockwise. Turn the tensioner till belt can be gotten rid of from pulleys. Remove belt and gently relax tensioner.

Belt installation:

3.0L engines – place accessory drive belt about all pulleys except the idler pulley. Turn the belt tensioner counterclockwise until it contacts its prevent position. Course the accessory journey belt about the idler (8) and also slowly permit the belt tensioner rotate into the belt. Make sure the belt is sit onto all pulleys. .

3.7L and 4.7L engines – route the belt approximately all pulleys other than the idler pulley. Revolve the tensioner eight clockwise until it contacts its protect against position. Path the belt around the idler and also slowly permit the tensioner rotate into the belt. Make sure the belt is seated onto every pulleys. Examine the whole belt path to make sure belt is correctly routed and all V-grooves make appropriate contact with pulleys.

5.7L and also 6.1L engines – position the journey belt over all pulleys except for the water pump pulley-block (7). Rotate tensioner clockwise and slip the belt end the water pump pulley. Gently release tensioner. Make sure the belt is seated onto every pulleys. Check the entire belt course to make sure belt is effectively routed and all V-grooves make suitable contact with pulleys. Download the air intake tube between intake manifold and also air filter assembly.

Reconnect an adverse battery cable to battery.

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On 3.7L and also 4.7L engines, the tensioner is equipped with an indexing flavor on back of tensioner and an indexing stop on the tensioner housing. If a brand-new belt is gift installed, tang should be within roughly 24 mm (.94 inches) the indexing stop. Belt is considered new if it has actually been offered 15 minutes or less.

WK Serpentine belts
EnginePart #Model YearMSRP
3.0LP/N 4891587AB2007-2008$93.60
3.7L / 4.7LP/N 4892791AAsuperseded byP/N 53013905AA2005-2007$63.70
3.7L / 4.7LP/N 68027636AA2008-2010$30.85
5.7LP/N 53013676AC2005-2008$54.60
5.7LP/N 4593684AA2009-2010$54.10
6.1LP/N 5037542AA2006-2010$26.25

(Prices noted are because that reference purposes only and may differ by dealer. MSRP price are existing as of march 2012. Parts are not obtainable from this internet site.)