I am having actually trouble installing a brand-new starter solenoid ~ above a Gator TX. Its a direct mount unit nearby to the starter- no the kind usually found on the firewall of an older car.The solenoid has actually a plunger make of nylon that mates through a yoke the activates the starter motor. The solenoid has stationary mounting bolts the must begin to get in place together the solenoid is pushed right into place and this keeps me from using some kind tool to gain the flattened component of the plunger in the yoke. It seems that without some unique procedure to gain these two items seated effectively I am simply pushing the plunger against the yoke without any connection between the two. Any ideas on how to download this item? I have actually looked digital for videos and find videos only on the old format solenoids the mount come the frame.

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If having actually trouble with that solenoid ns would take into consideration a timeless style. They space dirt cheap, available everywhere and they work-related without head scratching.
Just take it the starter off and pull the bendix up to the finish of the starter. Climate sit the solenoid in place. Whatever should autumn into alignment.You"ll need that kind of solenoid to press the bendix fork.
Marbobj has actually you ~ above the appropriate track. It will certainly go in place that way. That can"t be replaced with a continual solenoid.
Thanks, Marbobj: ns was about to finish the starter would have to come off. I am no really sure just how I even got the solenoid turn off without damages to the fork yet it looks alright.
With the starter out of the maker and on the bench the is for this reason much easier to see how the two components go together. The yoke walk not prolong to the facility of the solenoid hole and this permits the solenoid obelisk to go past the yoke and fit into place.I think this can be done v the starter on the an equipment now that I view the parts will fit together just before the mounting bolts have to enter their holes.Thanks for the responses.

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I"m sorry for giving bad advice. I didn"t check your an equipment to view if the starter was different from the various other Gators favor the XUV"s.

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