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I to be attempting to install a new deck belt on mine JD 318. Ns am having trouble recognize a illustration that mirrors the correct belt routing because that the deck (the belt the drives the blades). The serial number on my tractor is #M00318X235043. The serial number on my deck is #M00596X525896. The deck belt my JD dealer offered me was #M41668 and the belt because that the mule drive sheave is #M82718. Deserve to anyone call me if these are the correct belts for the deck belt (blade to blade belt) and the drive belt (mule drive)? Is there almost everywhere I can find drawing because that the belt routing for each? thanks so lot for the help. :usa:

1st 69 140 H3 with 49 thrower, wheel weights tri ribs, Firestone Turfs and can borrow my dads attachments2nd 69 140 H3 v deck and also front weight bracket84 420 with turfs, chains, 46 thrower, wheel weights and also rear weight bracket - mine winter warrior91 430 through turfs on front, Firestone 23 on rear, 50 in deck and also MCS 2 bagger - mine summer fuel sipper95 F350 XLT 4x4 CrewCab 7.3 DieselGot KIK? Send me your KIK surname via pm to be added into the WFM KIK Group.
M41668 is the exactly belt for the 46 customs mowers(M00595X and also M00596X). That is also the exactly belt for the 50 customs mowers(M01010X and M01013X).
Thanks so lot for the replies and the pictures. I will try this weekend to watch if I have the right to make that work. If ns have much more troubles, I may take pics of mine deck and also post them. I really evaluate everyone"s help. This is a good forum. I just wish i had much more knowledge to aid others the method I have actually been helped.
Another question, if i may, if my deck serial number is M00596X525896, walk that median my deck is a 46" deck? I understand the meaning of the numbers in the serial number has actually been covered on ahead threads, however I can"t mental what each stands for. Many thanks for all the help.

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The 0596 decks are indeed a 46 customs cutting width, and were make from 1985 to 1992... The earlier 0595 were made indigenous 83 come 84. Both right the very same tractors (depending on which lift arms space fitted.)Here is one operator"s hand-operated that mirrors use and the leveling procedure...View attachment OM-M78995 46 inch MidMountMower.pdf
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