What is the best method to acquire from john Wayne airport come a hotel in lengthy Beach? are there shuttle carriers that we have the right to use? Or taxi would certainly be a far better option (what would certainly be a ballpark price because that a cab)?

Thank girlfriend so much!


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Supershuttle is $37 for the an initial person and $9 because that each additional.

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A taxi will be about $75 (Supershuttle seems to price the one-person ticket at half the taxi price, general dominance of thumb).

If you go through the shared van you might want to book ahead, yet usually that isn't necessary.

The taxi will take friend directly, however will be more expensive if there's one or two human being - the price difference isn't so lot if there's 3 or 4 people. Taxi fare is a ideal guess - it counts on street (exact route used) and also time spend stuck in ~ red lights or in hefty traffic.

Shared valve will generally take much longer - the van can circle the plane a couple of times to try and to fill up, and it may detour to drop off other passengers prior to it drops girlfriend off. Meanwhile the valve is a addressed cost, you pay the exact same no matter just how long it takes, the course used, or just how much website traffic there is.

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3.Re: From man Wayne airplane to lengthy Beach
8 year ago
FYI, the Shuttles only have actually one avoid at john Wayne (and lengthy Beach) airport, so they "don't circle around". What they might do is have actually you sit in the van and wait, I think the ascendancy is no much more than a 15 minute wait before they need to leave).

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4.Re: From man Wayne airport to long Beach
8 year ago
Thank you all so much!

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7 years ago

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