I liked this episode. It was fun and also interesting come see just how Misaki"s face expression was as soon as she believed that the girl was in reality there to check out Usui in the restaurant. It shows it all.

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Usui knew the they were adhering to him every along...lol. They observed what Sakura predicted.Never believed that Usui would take a stray cat home.Next is a sports Festival episode! ns really prefer those.Just a Coincidence:
lol XD for this reason they space trying come stalking usui? XD funny! XDand around the ending.. Usui has actually a mansion.. Damn its big.. :o i wonder who is he? :3
Absolutely hilarious - haven"t laugh so difficult in a while!! Misaki imagining Usui"s family and Usui taking them to all the "High Class" areas KYAAAAA~~But what"s this? life alone in an apartment, soaking up stray kitties and also wearing glasses... Am suitably intrigued together the mysterious Usui is beginning to it is in revealed to us^^
After every little thing that has happened between Misaki and also Usui Misaki should have known he understand they were following him like seriously but still i wonder how the following episode would play out.
CocoNoelle said:Episode was ok, yet what shocked me the most, were the swiming panties the Usui wore O_o... Ns mean, they type looked prefer they were from latex or some similiar fabric, and they were kind of small for that xDD His ass nearly showed up...The kitty moment was cute ^^
It"s a common speedo.Resorting to stakling... Didn"t really prefer that ide lol. That"s a crime. Bad influence on tiny girls.

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Ah, i love Usui! I"m so interested in his life. But for actual though. No the version where he"s playing v his stalkers. :D :D :D
He wear... Glasses? divine shit, mega an enig discovered!No, much more seriously, we can see indigenous the ED that he came from a wealthy family because of just how he looked as soon as he was young. I wonder why he went to that institution though.Who would have thought that Shizuno was a professional stalker too? not me.Oh yeah, ponytail Misaki following episode. Fuck yeah :>
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As far as male shojo leader go, Usui is pretty lot ok. At least he"s not some frigid asshole who heart should be melted by the pathetically type heroine...bla...bla..
Those 2 youngsters playing in the sand in ~ the biginning have the exact same hair and also eye shade as Misaki and also her family... What the heck is the address her father?
Nobody look at sexy in speedo, geh.But it to be a pretty funny episode, especially Misaki's creativity of Usui's household :>
Awww, Usui help Misa's mom and then once she stormed out through him lol.It was cute once he stayed exterior all night waiting for her! awww bless! It to be cute once she took him breakfast! Awww, she yes, really cares because that him, it's therefore cute how they are about each other.I'd prefer a cute stalker prefer Usui :3
Finally we see something more about Usui... I check out you Misaki... She's beginning to realize she could feel something because that him.
Fun that he obtained to accomplish Misa's family.Sakura was hilarious this episode.Usui just has actually it all, huh? Sheesh. I'm pulling for the guy, to obtain the one thing he actually wants yet can't get. "So you're saying no matter my previous you love me because that me?"


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