Seems most sites insurance claim the 0721 superceded the 7007 or they show the 7007 but if you placed in the 0721 is says it is not found. Nobody had actually a cross because that the 0721 filter one of two people to one more brand. If I placed the 7007 into the components lookup systems, it shows every engine that it was supplied on. If I put in the 0721 over there is no engine reference.

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I have done exactly the very same thing. That brand-new number can't be found. However on the Phone come Kawasaki today they claim that is the recent offering. & i told them around not finding that on your website, & they responded it must not have been updated yet.. This new filter is therefore tiny. And also if it's madwe by fram (possibly) WIX will certainly be sounding better & better,.



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Yes the dose claimed that back in write-up # 21Even put the web links to the Stens & rotary catalogue pages.AFAIK Both the them room USA made champion Oregon & Prime line will additionally do a instead of filter but no idea wherein theirs space made.At the very least one will certainly come out of China as the Briggs short filer is easily accessible from a dozen or an ext factories in ChinaAs for the price , read write-up # 25.The volume going with Kawasaki dealers would certainly be happy to be 1/10 of what overcome through any kind of one of the after market suppliers.The expense of increasing an invoice at the last warehouse ns ran to be $ 2.75 and the price that a hand choose was $ 3.25 which climbed to $ 4,95 if they were so high it came to be a fork pick.Places that invoice straight from a internet page the invoicing price goes down to about 15¢Then the components sales team need to eat and have a expense / hr nevertheless of weather they room filling order or not.Unless the dealer has a direct reorder mechanism which reorders parts as castle are sold you then need a storeman & some one to place an orderAs for the parts substitution it will certainly be just something prefer the ahead filter will certainly not fit on among the brand-new mwers for this reason in order to keep costs to a minimum Kawasaki have decided to use the newest filter on all models.This is sound proceedure together it rises the unit volume v put hence lowers the price and of course reduces the inventory essential to be maintained at the warehouse and also at the dealers.As posted means back, the specks on all mower oil filters are so nearby you can just around substitute any kind of of lock for any type of other one of themWhen they speck 28 micron the really is 25 to 30 micron and also in many instances the very same mesh dimension is labled differently from different suppliers.All mower oil filter are means over capacity for the task they room doing due to the fact that it is cheaper to use a automobile sized outer situation than have actually a distinct 1" diameter x 2" long filter i beg your pardon is around what lock need.The 12 packs are around 2/3 the price of separation, personal, instance filters and the 24 package are about 1/2.Those discounts come indigenous volume effiencies, one pick & one invoice because that 24 items.And the probably prices the same to van 24 filters as it walk to truck one.I buy the Briggs long in 24 packs and all the rather in 12 packs, usually during the turn off season as soon as discounts are happening.