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The 1990 upper Deck set contains 800 standard-size cards issued in 2 series, short numbers (1-700) and high number (701-800). Cards were distributed in fin-wrapped low and high collection foil packs, finish 800-card manufacturing facility sets and also 100-card high collection factory sets. High collection foil packs included a mixture the low and high series cards. The prior and back borders are white, and both sides function full-color photos. The horizontally oriented backs have actually recent stats and also anti-counterfeiting holograms. Team checklist cards are mixed in v the very first 100 cards the the set. Rookie Cards in the set include Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, beam Lankford, Dean Palmer, Sammy Sosa and also Larry Walker. The high series contains a Nolan Ryan variation; all cards produced prior to August 12th only comment on Ryan"s 6th no-hitter if the later-issue cards include a strip honoring Ryan"s 300th victory. Card 702 (Rookie Threats) was originally scheduled to it is in Mike Witt. A few Witt cards v 702 on ago and checklist cards mirroring Witt as 702 escaped into at an early stage packs; they are identified by a black rectangle covering much of the card"s back. Read much less »

The 1990 upper Deck collection contains 800 standard-size cards authorize in 2 series, low numbers (1-700) and high numbers (701-800). Cards were dispersed in fin-wrapped low and also high series foil packs, complete 800-card factory sets and 100-card high series factory sets. High collection foil packs consisted of ... Read an ext »