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Kenmore is an appliance brand known for that is reliability. One appliance Kenmore uses is upright freezers. Upright freezers incorporate multiple features such together a large capacity for storing frozen food. The model number 253-9260411 is an larger upright Kenmore freezer that gives 14.1 cubic feet of warehouse space.

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Overall Capacity

According come the Kenmore owner’s manual, the as whole capacity of the Kenmore upright freezer need to be no better than 3 pounds per cubic foot the freezer space. This capacity is encourage to be lessened if the food going right into the freezer is not currently frozen. The factor is the the cold air cannot successfully circulate and also keep every little thing frozen without enough cost-free space.

Capacity Helpers

In order come maximize the capacity and improve waiting circulation, the design number 253-9260411 provides an adjustable wire shelf and juice rack. The shelf can be collection to three various heights, allowing larger frozen items to sit ~ above the bottom and smaller people on the shelf. The juice rack is top top the bottom of the freezer and also offers space for cans or jars of juice and also other round objects.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the upright freezer seems to be to run too long without stopping, it might be a sign that you have surpassed the machine’s capacity. The hands-on recommends avoiding placing hot food in the freezer if the freezer is already reasonably full, together this will certainly exceed the freezer’s capability to sustain an acceptable frozen temperature.

Additional Tips

Avoid placing heavy items ~ above the freezer shelves, due to the fact that the shelves have the right to bend and also warp over time. Additionally, Sears just replaces as much as $100 precious of shed food have to your freezer break, so protect against filling the freezer with an ext than this quantity in situation of a breakdown.

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