South Park: 15 Things You Didn't Kcurrently About Kenny Kenny"s the pooremainder child, the many indecipherable child, and the deadest boy in South Park. But here are some things you don"t recognize around him.

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Kenny McCormick on South Park
He’s unintelligible, he’s wrapped in ovariety, he’s a vigilante superhero, and also he’s immortal: he’s Kenny McCormick. One of the four lead boys on South Park, Kenny"s fascinating character bereason he’s so mysterious. The pooremainder child in South Park doesn’t say much, and also as soon as he does sheight it’s muffled by his tightly wrapped hood, so you don’t always know what’s going on in his head. Then there’s that entirety immortality thing, wbelow he constantly dies and returns to life in the following episode.

Series creators Trey Parker and also Matt Stone absolutely carried an iconic character to life in Kenny practically two decades earlier (though he technically debuted in a brief, 5 years prior to the series started, in a rather different develop – yet even more on that later). But despite all those years of exposure, Kenny remains shrouded in mystery.

Oh my God! We noted Kenny! Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Kcurrently About Kenny.

Kenny swarm in the head on South Park
You understand Kenny dies a lot, yet did you understand precisely just how many kind of times? That’s appropriate, to day, he’s died 102 times in miscellaneous media, including the series, video games, authorized parodies, the original pre-series shorts, the series’ opening sequence (nine times alone), and the movie, where he kicked the bucked twice. That’s the official number used in a video to promote the 20th season, released in September 2016.

With the display having completed its 20th seachild in December, Kenny actually hasn’t passed away since Seaboy 17. Overall, in the series alone, his death complete comes in at 80. The vast majority of his fatalities came in the time of the initially five periods.

Poor Kenny has actually met his maker in so many kind of horrible ways: he’s been microwaved, strangled by a tetherball rope, electrocuted, eaten by Ozzy Osbourne, swarm, impaled on a flag pole, consumed by tursecrets, and fallen down a waterfall, among many type of others. And it all started as soon as he was run over by a police car in the pilot, which was the finishing blow after he’d currently been swarm by aliens and also trampled by cattle.

His many widespread create of death? Being trampled or crumelted (22 times).


Princess Kenny on South Park
As we shelp, Kenny is a reasonably mysterious fellow, owed in large part to his hood, which muffles his voice. So it’s via his a number of aliases that we learn a small even more around him. Let’s start out via his the majority of famed transform ego, the superhero Mysterion. Kenny’s appeared as the vigilante Mysterion in four episodes, still donning a hood, however through his mouth is exposed in this one so he can talk in a deeper, gravelly, Batman-esque voice.

In the thirteenth seachild episode “W.T.F.,” Kenny took on an additional alias: the wrestler El Pollo Loco (Spanish for “the crazy chicken”). In the episode, the boys try to create their own professional wrestling federation, however Kenny’s time in it is reduced brief as soon as he’s shot by their gym teacher through a rocket launcher.

Princess Kenny began off as Lady McCormick, both of whom are inspired by the Video Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen. The blonde beauty shows Kenny’s feminine side, with a dress over his parka, and also ultimately transcreates right into an anime character via huge eyes that likes to flirt with boys.

Finally, there’s Dennis. Dennis have the right to barely be thought about an alias, though. It’s more a matter of shared misunderstanding. In Seaboy 19, as soon as Kenny works at the City Wok restaurant, its owner, Tuong Lu Kim’s, thick accent provides “Kenneth” sound choose “Dennis.” Or it could be that Kenny’s muffled voice made it sound favor he sassist his name was “Dennis?” It’s a mystery for the periods.

South Park Jesus vs Frosty original short
South Park had actually its humble starts way back in 1992, when creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were students at the University of Coloraexecute. Along with some other classmates, they made a brief film referred to as The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty. It’s even even more crudely animated than the original TV series" episodes, utilizing stop-motion animation with characters and settings made out of building paper.

In the initially of 2 Spirit of Christmas movies, we accomplish four potty-mouthed boys who look a lot like Stan, Kyle, Cartguy, and Kenny. If you’re a fan of the display, you"ll notice two stvariety things. First, the orange-hooded character who looks favor Kenny clearly says an unmuffled, “Yeah,” which the “real” Kenny wouldn’t say so plainly. 2nd, their snowmale concerns life and also kills the character that looks prefer Cartman (which is oddly satisfying for South Park fans), adhering to which the Kyle-esque character shouts, “Oh my God! Frosty killed Kenny!”

So the Cartman-looking character was called Kenny, yet the various other personalities are never before called. All that being said, the Kenny-looking character is likewise killed by the snowman, so either means you slice it, Kenny dies appropriate from the beginning.


Mike Judge in Spy Kids 2
Throughout the series, Kenny’s hood-muffled, often indecipherable voice has actually been gave by series co-creator Matt Stone. The muffled sound is sindicate achieved by Stone talking into his very own hand also, then, choose they do through the various other children on the present, they use audio editing and enhancing software application Pro Tools to modulate the pitch up so it sounds younger.

However, as you might have guessed by the title of this enattempt, Stone isn’t the only perboy to have voiced Kenny. Animated worlds collided the first time we ever heard Kenny’s voice unmuffled, in the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, when Beavis and also Butt-head and King of the Hill creator Mike Judge sassist, as Kenny, “Goodbye, you males,” as he ascfinished to the afterlife.

Kenny has actually spoken on 2 other occasions in the series, in the episodes “The Jeffersons” (seakid eight) and also “Lice Capades,” (seaboy 11) both times voiced by series producer Eric Sdifficult.

Kenny"s actually challenging to understand also in three languperiods. The deceptively smart son has actually somejust how added both Spanish and also Romanian to his arsenal of languages, to go with his unintelligible mastery of English. Let"s go back to that wrestling episode, “W.T.F.”, wright here, billed as “the cold-blooded wrestler from Mexico,” Kenny shows up as the masked El Pollo Loco. Though he isn’t wearing his signature hood, his voice is still muffled because of the mask, yet he does speak some Spanish. After all, he is expected to be a Mexideserve to luchador.

Then there’s the fourth seaboy episode “Quintuplets 2000,” wbelow Kenny speaks a little of Romanian when he becomes a substantial opera star in Romania. Yes, Kenny becomes a vast opera star in Romania. Since, why not?

This actually technically leads us to a fourth language for the bit McCormick boy, given that he sings the Italian aria “La donna e mobile” by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.


The rapper Eminem is no stranger to making pop culture recommendations in his songs, however he loves South Park, and also Kenny in particular, so a lot that he’s name-dropped the child in 3 of his songs. It starts with his 3rd album, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) and also the song “The Kids.” In parts of the song he sounds like South Park guidance counselor Mr. Maccrucial, saying things like, “Drugs are poor, m’kay?” At the finish of the song, there’s a voice that sounds favor Cartguy hollering, “Mushrooms eliminated Kenny!”

Then 10 years later, he was ago with the South Park love on the album Recoincredibly. In “W.T.P.” he flows, “But once it comes to them trailers in them South Parks/ Muffle it, ‘reason homie that hood’s tighter than Kenny’s.” We’ll leave the interpretations to you. Then, on the track “Untitled,” he states that human being are “Looking at me like I killed Kenny.”

We’ve currently detailed three occasions where you have the right to hear Kenny’s voice plainly, without the muffling of his hood or a mask or various other mouth-blocking hindrance: in the attribute film, in “The Jeffersons”, and in “Lice Capades.” Those aren’t the only times he’s been heard plainly, though. There have been 4 others, all as his superhero alter ego Mysterion.

Mysterion initially appears in “The Coon” in season 13. He’s initially heard, in his clear yet gravelly voice, saying via Cartman (as his transform ego The Coon) around whose project it is to protect the city and also that they really are behind their superhero masks. Kenny additionally speaks clearly as Mysterion in “Coon 2: Hindsight”, “Coon vs. Coon & Friends”, and also “Mysterion Rises.”

The voice of Mysterion, prefer the voice of Kenny, is offered by Matt Stone, even though the superhero voice is so much deeper and huskier than Kenny’s high-pitched mumbles.


In life, there’s nopoint even more tragic than the fatality of a son – but not so a lot in South Park, at least when it involves Kenny. In the at an early stage days, Kyle and also Stan appeared genuinely upcollection when their buddy died, however even for them it acquired to be even more and also even more old hat the more times he passed away, occasionally making their tradenote lines sound worn down and obligatory: “Oh my God, they eliminated Kenny.” “You bastards.”

That’s the just authorize of the other youngsters being at all mindful that their friend dies and also retransforms a lot. But as Mysterion, Kenny outappropriate admits he’s completely aware of the phenomenon. In “Mysterion Rises,” he claims it’s his superpower, and his curse. “I"ve knowledgeable death, plenty of times,” he explains. “Sometimes I view a bappropriate light. Sometimes I see Heaven. Or Hell. But ultimately, no issue what, I wake up in my bed, wearing my exact same old clothes. And the worst part? Nobody also remembers me dying.”

Kenny may be deceptively smart and decent, yet that doesn’t readjust the truth that he’s damaged the regulation many kind of, many kind of times, and also has actually been arrested 4 times as an outcome. He was initially arrested in the fourth seachild episode “Fat Camp.” Of all points, the then-third-grader was jailed for prostitution. How do we define this gently? Somehow he acquired in a competition with Tom Environment-friendly and Johnny Knoxville that resulted in him charging Howard Stern $10 to provide Stern "mouth pleasures".

Up next, in seakid salso, he was booked, in addition to Kyle and also Stan, for illegally downloading music. In seachild 13, he was arrested twice: first for his vigilante efforts as Mysterion, then by the Japanese for destroying their whaling boat.

So that’s what he was actually arrested for. Here’s what he got amethod with: conspiring to murder Sarah Jessica Parker, illegal possession of a firearm, arboy, breaking and entering, fraud, and attack, among others.


Sure, tright here are South Park video games and also Kenny is not only in them, however, predictably, dies in them. But licensed South Park games are not the just area you’ll check out Kenny McCormick in the world of gaming.

In the game Fallout, which was released the very same year South Park premiered, in 1997, there’s a character called Deputy Kenny. When the deputy is killed in the game, the player character yells, “Oh my God! They killed Kenny!” Flash forward to Fallout 3 and its DLC Point Lookout in 2009 and there’s an additional character called Kenny, this time a boy. Like our Kenny, this one is negative and excellent with weapons, and also likewise whistles the South Park template song. In the same game’s Operation: Anchorage DLC, there’s a character through a last name extremely similar to Kenny’s, and also as soon as he dies you hear, “Oh my God! They killed McKormick! You gotta kill those bastards!”

It’s not just Fallout games that worship Kenny, though. In World War II Online: Battleground Europe, there’s a solution to a .wtf command also that references Kenny. Finally, Skate 3 has actually a character that looks an awful lot like the oft-eliminated fourth-grader.

The function film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was a huge one for Kenny. Not just was it the first time we ever before heard his unmuffled voice, however it’s likewise the initially and just time we view his full head, completely unobstructed (besides once he"s a baby). Of course, Kenny is famous for that hood pulled tightly over his head, but in the movie they make a large honking deal over revealing his full head for the initially time.

After he’s sacrificed his afterlife, dooming himself to Hell, the music swells substantially as Kenny stands in front of his friends. Little does he understand he’s actually around to ascfinish to Heaven. It feels not unchoose Luke Skywalker unmasking Darth Vader at the finish of Return of the Jedi. We see Kenny from behind as he sheds his hood, revealing a shock of messy blond hair. Then the camera switches perspective to present him from the front, simply a normal kid. After all that time, we couldn’t assist however wonder if the hood was hiding some dark mystery, probably a scar or a goiter. But, no, he’s simply a kid prefer the rest.

That being sassist, tbelow are assorted scenes throughout the series wright here you view partial or reverse glimpses of his unhooded head, but the movie is the only time you check out things correctly, through no hat or anypoint in the means.


The character of Kenny McCormick is actually based upon a real kid that South Park co-creator Trey Parker kbrand-new as a kid, accordingly named Kenny. The real Kenny was not simply similar in name, however in simply about every significant means various other than dying all the time, although Parker and his friends would joke approximately all the time around him dying bereason he always “disappeared.”

In a Paley Center intercheck out from 2000, Parker reminisces about his old friend: “He had the bit ovariety coat, and also he would always say sh*t we couldn’t understand also... And he was the pooremainder boy in the neighborhood.” No word on whether or not the real Kenny additionally turned into a vigilante superhero and continuously broke the law.

Parker went on to claim that most South Park personalities are based upon genuine world, without naming names, likely considering that he worried earlier that admitting Kenny was a real person could get him in trouble.  

It seems like a little of a running gag throughout the series that Kenny will put simply about anything in his mouth or up his nose. Perhaps when you recognize you’re not going to actually continue to be dead as soon as you die, you end up being fearmuch less. Often, he ingests stselection things with the intent of gaining high.

It all began means back in the second episode of the first season, “Volcano”, as soon as Kenny guzzles gasoline, impushing Stan’s half-uncle Jimbo. In the seventh seakid episode “Cancelled”, he snorts a cocaine-choose purple powder gave by Joozian aliens called “blach”. In the 12th seaboy (“Major Boobage”) he becomes addicted to the high that comes from sniffing cat pee.

Then there are the other strange points Kenny ingests, just because. He concurrently horrifies and amazes a TV audience once he eats a pile of fresh dog poo. Finally, in the fourth seachild episode “Fat Camp”, the boys realize poor-son Kenny will certainly do literally just about anypoint for money, once he’s first phelp to eat a manatee’s spleen, then, after he vomits it up, he takes money to eat the vomit.


It would certainly actually be perfectly acceptable if the answer to why Kenny constantly dies and also resurrects was, “Just bereason.” Curiously, though, they’ve actually offered many factors for this strange twist of fate – which in itself is a sort of middle finger to the principle of continuity. Perhaps it"s actually Parker and Stone’s own distinct means of saying, “Just bereason.”

The initially explanation came in the fifth season episode, “Cartguy Joins NAMBLA.” Kenny is run over by an ambulance, dies, then his mommy gives birth to a parka-clad kid called Kenny. As the story goes, when Kenny dies his soul retransforms through a brand-new fetus within his mom, which is virtually instantaneously born and also eras to eight or nine years old.

Eight seasons later, Kenny dies in the initially part of a two-parter, yet ssuggest pops back out of thin air in the second component. As Mysterion, he reveals that, like the earlier explanation, his mom offers birth to him, yet this time he wakes up in his bed. Eventually, it appears that his immortality is the outcome of somepoint that taken place at a meeting of the Cult of Cthulhu, as his mother mysteriously means in “Coon vs. Coon & Friends.”

After a while, the “Kenny dies eextremely episode and also Stan and Kyle say, ‘Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastards,’ and Kenny magically returns the following episode” shtick acquired old for Parker and Stone. The child died in practically eexceptionally episode for five seasons and it was funny for a while – it’s actually most likely component of the reason the present really took off – however by the 13th episode of the fifth seachild, they’d made a decision sufficient was enough.

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In “Kenny Dies”, Kenny is diagnosed via a terminal disease, fairly than the usual extravagant, violent fatality. The boys learn a lot around accepting fatality as part of life and Kenny lastly has a funeral. It was the genuine deal. Kenny was dead-dead. But, as we all understand, he didn’t continue to be dead-dead. He returned in the 17th episode of seachild six, as soon as he sindicate reshows up through his friends at the finish of the episode, claiming he’d simply been hanging out.


Do you have actually any kind of Kenny trithrough up your sleeve... or in your hood? Let us know in the comments!