Kia engine Sedona owners have actually reported 33problems related to door latch (under the latches/locks/linkage category).The many recently reported issues are detailed below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Kia motor Sedona based on all problems reported because that the Sedona.

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2015 kia Sedona. Customer writes search reimbursement for vehicle repairs made regarded safety recall. The consumer requested to it is in reimbursed because that the strength slding door latching failure repairs. Watch all difficulties of the 2015 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

Tl the contact owns a 2017 kia Sedona. The contact stated that the driver"s and passenger"s next sliding door latches fail to save the doors securely locked when driving. The call stated that periodically the doors slid open while steering at assorted speeds. The contact had take away the auto to fox kia in grand rapids (4141 28th st se, grand rapids, mi 49512, (616) 942-5000) who replaced the driver"s next sliding door latch. The call then took the auto to a certified mechanic who replaced the passenger"s next sliding door latch. The contact stated that both door latches failure again and also were scheduled to be changed by the certified mechanic which to be still pending. The manufacturer was made mindful of the failure and referred the contact to NHTSA for assistance. The approximate fail mileage was 70,000. See all difficulties of the 2017 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

The contact owns a 2011 kia Sedona. When driving 60 mph, all the doors on the automobile inadvertently opened. The call stated the the door audible indicator was heard generally while driving and when the failure occurred. The call called planet kia in ~ (570) 382-3297 (3007 scranton carbondale hwy, blakely, PA 18447) and was recommend to schedule an meeting for diagnostic testing and also repairs. The call had not reserved the appointment. The manufacturer to be not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 14,703. See all troubles of the 2011 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

The call owns a 2008 kia Sedona. If driving, the sliding doors erroneously unlocked and opened. The failure developed on both the driver and passenger sides. Also, while operating the vehicle, the traction control system would erroneously activate. After inserting the crucial into the ignition switch, the auto would attempt to start prior to the ignition key was turned. The reason of the failures was no diagnosed. The auto was no repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failures. The VIN was no available. The failure mileage to be 108,000. See all difficulties of the 2008 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

2008 kia Sedona. Customer states passenger slide door opened up while driving the customer stated she to be unable come close the door, so the door had actually to be strapped and an adult organized onto the door tightly till they got to their destination. The dealer notified the customer she would certainly be responsible because that the repair. Later on, the dealer notified her a service bulletin ~ above the sliding door and also latch had been issued and also the automobile would be repaired totally free of charge. The company bulletin figured out the reason of the sliding door difficulty as improperly kept latches. Follow to kia, gathered road dirt may reason the latches to stick through impeding rotation the the latch roughly the pin. Kia readily available consumers who had actually experienced the problem a amendment door latch kit that permits roadway dirt come readily leave the latch assembly to eliminate the cause of the door failure. The consumer stated she was never notified about the problem. The customer has because learned, the technical company bulletin specified that the service action was a fix program, there is no customer notification, and also the repairs were to it is in performed cost-free of charge throughout the warranty period.

The call owns a 2007 kia Sedona. When driving 15 mph, the rear sliding doors opened and also the door ajar warning irradiate illuminated. The contact coasted the automobile over come the side of the road, closed both rear doors, and resumed driving. The failure recurred plenty of times. The automobile was required to the dealer whereby all 4 door latches were replaced. In addition, the driver, passenger, and also rear door latches fail to continue to be closed. The call used a screwdriver to lock the doors. The car was required to the dealer where it to be diagnosed the the door latches failed and also needed to it is in replaced. The vehicle was not repaired and the fail recurred. The manufacturer was informed of the failures. The approximate failure mileage was 26,000. See all difficulties of the 2007 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

He slide doors ~ above the 2009 kia Sedona frozen shut. Bring about pulling and yanking ~ above the handles to gain the doors come open. This wake up on a very regular basis and also has because the an initial freeze of to buy the valve in October the 2009. After ~ noticing that two various other vans in the area have the same issue, i have decided to make a complaint. At time we have loaded our youngsters through the prior doors to enable them acquiring in the van. Another time we had actually to drive our various other vehicle. It will eventually cause the handles to break off the van through the amount of force we need to use to open up the doors. View all troubles of the 2009 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

The contact owns a 2003 kia Sedona. The call was can not to enter and also exit the driver side door through her key or remote. The dealer notified her the they would need to break the door to fix the vehicle; however, they smashed the home window instead. The door lock actuator was replaced on the driver next door. The continuing to be locks ~ above the automobile have not failed. The call is aware of the safety and security risk involved. The fuel system was unknown. The almost right current and also failure mileages to be 120,000. See all troubles of the 2003 Kia motor Sedona🔎.

2006 kia Sedona with serious safety and security issues. Passenger slide door opens up while driving, opens and also closes and also will no close every the way. Starter to be replaced. Air bag light to be looked at. Customer says over there are an ext problems. The rotors had to be changed due castle being out of round. Several components within the door were replaced such as the cable and door switch assembly and door latch assembly. The vehicle sped up unexpectedly. The rear sensors and rear caliper brake hose essential to it is in repaired.

The call owns a 2002 kia Sedona. As soon as the contact started the vehicle, the driver side seat belt began smoking. The seat belt then captured fire when it came in contact with the wires attached come the chair belt connector and a piece of difficult plastic approximately the bottom the the chair (seat guard). The call extinguished the fire. Kia declared that a recall repair had been carry out on the auto in April the 2006 and that she would certainly be responsible for any kind of current repairs. The chair belt area that the automobile was damaged. The vehicle has no been inspected by the dealer or a mechanic. The contact additionally stated that the passenger next door manage failed and also a brand-new one had actually been ordered prior to the fire occurred. The current and failure mileages to be 77,600. Watch all problems of the 2002 Kia engine Sedona🔎.

The call owns a 2006 kia Sedona. If driving at 55 mph, the call stated the the passenger next sliding door suddenly opened involuntarily. The pulled over to the side of the road and it took two civilization to near the door. The auto had to be repaired four times because that the very same failure. The latest repair was might 13, 2010 yet the failure continued. The failure mileage was around 20,000. The existing mileage was about 80,000.

The left side automatic sliding door intermittently failed to latch in the close up door position once the door was closed through the one of two people the remote, the former button, or the behind button. The latch actuated, the actuator kicked off as normal, then went back to about a 4" open state under the doors very own tension preload.

The contact owns a 2002 kia Sedona. When the sliding doors is opened, the door detaches indigenous the hinge and falls come the ground. The vehicle was inspected through the repair shop who inserted the door ago on, however stated the the door would loss again if it to be to it is in opened. The present mileage is 107,000 and failure mileage was 100,000.

- the contact owns a 2003 kia Sedona. The contact stated that the handle on the rear passenger and driver next doors broke off of the vehicle. The handles were plastic. The doors to be unable to be opened since the child safety and security lock were on. The fail mileage to be 74,500. The dealer stated that the auto was the end of warranty.

I remained in a parking lot as soon as again, loading my kids in the passenger next of the 2006 kia Sedona that us have, and also when I checked out shut the door, the bounced ago open 5 times there is no latching. . . This will make the fourth time that we room going to take it in morning morning for door problems. . . This will make the 3rd time that we have had the same troubles with the passenger sliding door bouncing earlier open, and not latching. Huge safety issues that require addressed soon! the an initial time take away in, problem might not it is in duplicated. . . 2nd time, the business dept installed new cables in both sliding doors, the 3rd time was for the motorists side slide door, the was stuck open and also would no shut at all and had come drive under a liven street the way. . . They uncovered a cable nut that was unplugged in the door and also supposedly fixed that, yet they would certainly not carry out me with any type of proof of my vehicle being in the organization dept while I checked out pick increase the van from obrien. . . Company guy kept saying he would placed my documents in the mail. . . . Sounds kinda fishy to me. . . . And now this (doors bouncing open again top top the passenger side) I have actually two very tiny children that ride in the two seats there, however the organization dept and obrien does no seem to care about that. . . So, us will watch what wake up in the morning!.

I was the end shopping through my 2 year old twins and my mother and also we to be in a parking lot of loading our ingredient in the 2006 kia Sedona as soon as again and the valve door would certainly not close. It was stuck open. . . . Us waited in the kroger parking lot for around 2 and also 1/2 hours while no one at obrien kia would come and get myself and also my two little children, and the door was wide open, and also it was starting to gain dark out and also the breeze was picking up. . . We have had actually the van in obrien 2 various other times because that the passenger slide door bouncing back open and not latching (big safety and security issue, and now the motorists side slide door won"t even shut (another huge safety issue) with small children in the car. . . Who"s come say it won"t occur while we space driving down the highway and when is it going to in reality going to obtain fixed, or go someone have actually to gain killed first!!!! a receptionist indigenous obrien ultimately came around 2 1/2 hours later and drove my car down a liven street with the next door still open and also the headlights turned off, and also took it come the shop to be fixed, and I now have actually a rental vehicle again. They speak it will gain fixed this time again!.

2005 kia Sedona van with multiple defects customer states, motor and two freon units for the waiting conditioning were replaced, along with various various other things, automobile has a grounding throttle throughout inclement or cold weather which resulted in an accident* throughout a rainstorm, the windshield wipers stopped working, ultimately the motor had to be replaced. The passenger side sliding door come off track, the vehicle drivers side door handle dropped off and also the back window latch. The accelerator came to be stuck and also the vehicle went out of control. The customer hit her porch and also a tree. The consumer was said a recall had been issued regarding the sticking of the throttle. View all troubles of the 2005 Kia engine Sedona🔎.

Have had actually our 2006 kia Sedona van in the shop because that passenger sliding door no closing. . . I will certainly go to close the door, and the door slides right earlier open and doesn"t also latch. This has happened too countless times as well count now, and this is a brand new van. This is an extremely scary, particularly when friend don"t recognize if that is walk to paris open once you space driving down the roadway with your children in the car. The dealership was no able come duplicate the problem, however, one hour after ns left the dealership that day, ns was grounding in a wal-mart parking lot through my youngsters in the van and trying to obtain the passenger sliding door to shut when it was cold outside again! vast safety difficulty if you ask me and my family! we were just exterior again this evening in freeze temps through my 2 year old girls and stood outside in a parking lot of for around a 1/2 hour do the efforts to get the door to continue to be shut.

2006 kia Sedona van strength sliding passenger door does not close and also seal properly. The door motor continues to run after the door is closed and also then stops and releases the door.

The 2005 kia Sedona i own has actually been plagued by plenty of problems. The very first of i beg your pardon is a brake malfunction. It to be thumping as soon as braking at high speeds then grinding when braking at low speeds. The pads have actually been replaced, rotors machined, climate they to be replaced. Also, there is a share or strut problem b/c . Once you walk over a bang in a residential community it sound creaky and also as if it can snap. Also, power door locks have been serviced twice. In addition the steering wheel is very shaky. The dealer blamed the on alignment. Also, the tires have to be changed at much less than 25k and probably have actually needed to it is in replaced due to the fact that 15k. This is because of the brake problem I to be certain. Every attempts to have these worries resolved have actually been blown off by the dealer -- until 11/07 when I demanded the there was certainly something wrong.

The call stated while parking and closing the front passenger door latch fell apart. When attempting to close the door it would certainly not stay shut. ~ above examination, screws were falling out of the door latch. The automobile is scheduled for repairs. Currently, she has wired the door wired shut.

Car has actually been large headache bought brand-new in 2003 has actually been towed double for leaking coolant lines the rusted out. Last time was on vacation kia has actually not reverted on phone speak to or e-mail together it expense me 300 dollars and also car is under bumper come bumper warranty has actually 34k miles . Vehicle drivers door take care of broke and also airbag light to be on addressed by dealer. One brake pad lining fell off in ~ 25k miles replaced myself. Most essential we had actually a behind tire blow the end at 60 mph in 3 lanes that traffic. Tires shredded apart with 28k miles and was new york inspected 2 months earlier. Other ago tire bubbled out on one side and also made the car shudder. Changed tires myself but please inspection this automobile now ns am really worried after ~ reading about the airbags not deploying.

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I have actually had countless problems v my kia Sedona. In ~ a few months of property the head gasket blew and also it was towed in and replaced. Climate the windshield broke during the night in the garage through no weather extremes. I replaced that. In 2 years I"ve had actually 2 blowouts come the front driver"s tire. The just 2 in my totality 30+ years of driving. Dealer says its not the car. The former wheel bearings were replaced. In Dec 2004 the engine was replaced, the lumbar support was broken and fixed, the driver"s doorhandle broke and also was fixed by kia. Jan18 that was ago in because the hood release was not working. It to be fixed and we picked up the car 1/19. Top top 1/21 the gas pedal stuck, I brought it in and they solved it immediately. " the cover had actually fallen down and they bound it earlier up. " obviously no a an excellent job since it stuck again on the way home in ~ 65mph. I was ultimately able to stop the car and also had the towed earlier in. Ns think it is a fatality trap!.