There"s always drama in Jersey! The real Housewives of brand-new Jersey has had actually their fair share of divas end the years, yet while the franchise continues to be a revolving door because that East shore fashionistas and also socialites alike, one mysterious guest star garnered even more salacious fist off-screen than on. 

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RHONJ has many of beef amongst its cast members — who deserve to forget Teresa Giudice"s infamous table-throwing? — and also star Kim Granatell is no exception. The former RHONJ guest star on periods 2 and 3 had actually some selection words for former co-star Teresa, calling her an obvious "criminal," per Us Weekly. "Where space her feel of remorse for ruining people"s lives and also businesses? A normal person with feelings because that others would feel terrible and also do every little thing to make things right," Kim said. 

Of course, Kim"s own family members has do headlines. Radar Online reported that Kim"s daughter Gia was victim that an east Hampton party house scam, for which Kim was still waiting a refund. Beside from she commentary on current Housewives, what else has Kim been up to post-Bravo? keep scrolling to discover out!

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Real Housewives are always elite socialites, however Kim Granatell bring away it come the next level. Follow to The everyday Dish, Kim"s life only got much more dramatic ~ leaving the present in 2011. She husband apparently threatened come divorce her uneven she stop the series, and as Kim rather joked to Celebrity Magnet in 2012, he divorced her anyway. She likewise decided to earlier out of competing in a Mrs. New Jersey pageant that very same year, per 

Kim to be quickly attached to Lindsay Lohan"s father Michael Lohan complying with her divorce, follow to Starcasm. She also boasted to Page Six the Michael was a "great guy" and also "affectionate lover." 

Kim was likewise connected through former RHONJ co-star danielle Staub"s ex-fiancé, Joe Masalta, on Twitter, per Reality Tea. She readily available to pay his court fees in a lawsuit versus Danielle. Kim also claimed in January 2020 via a since-deleted Twitter article that danielle was really fired native the show after obtaining physical with other Housewife Margaret Josephs, every The Sun

Seems like her RHONJ grudges operation deep! maybe Kim really has not relocated on from truth TV ~ all.