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Lightning Crystals room dropped through the Devastator and also Strafer Heartless, both found in space Paranoids & some places in Radiant Garden.

Since these heartless appear all over an are Paranoids, you have the right to farm them pretty much all over in the world. The drop rates are reasonably low (4% for Devastator, 6% because that Strafer) yet with sufficient time you can stash lot of away.

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These crystals have the right to be provided to synthesize strength Boosts and also Defense Boosts.

Lightning Crystal locations (KH2 & KH2.5)

The main areas you want to target for are Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, and room Paranoids.

And this is the two adversaries you want to seek out for lightning crystals:

Devastator: These are the large rounded machine-looking guys with violet rings approximately their 4 legs. Don’t be intimidated by the size of these monsters, though, they’re basic to take down.

And they’ll have a 4% possibility to fall a crystal.

These guys can be discovered throughout hollow Bastion, and also in the Canyon, Dataspace, and also I/O Tower Hallway locations in room Paranoids.

Strafer: These space the heartless with thin bodies and yellow circuitry running roughly their eight & legs. Strike down these lanky boys with swiftness, and each defeat has actually a 6% opportunity to autumn a crystal.

Search for them in basically the same places mentioned above: hole Bastion, and in the Canyon and Solar Sailer Simulation in space Paranoids.

But the best place to farm lightning crystals has to be room Paranoids.

Just run approximately the world and take out as countless Devastators & Strafers as possible. You’ll earn plenty that drops along the way.


Lightning decision Uses

Lightning Crystals room only supplied in 2 recipes in KH2(and KH2.5):

Defense Boost – as you could guess, the Defense rise will boost a character’s defense stat by +1 point.

You can start to synthesize these after obtaining the safety Recipe, and will require x1 Mythril Crystal, x3 Blazing Crystals, x3 Lightning Crystals, and x3 Lucid Crystals.

Power Boost – This is the upgraded version of a Defense boost recipe, so the will need the same ingredients through an included Serenity decision at a LVL3 Moogle. It’ll an increase your toughness stat by +1.


Are Lightning Crystals worth Farming?

Unless friend really need some raised strength or defense, i wouldn’t introduce farming too long for these crystals.

Chances are you’ll naturally come across enough to include to her ingredients repertoire anyways.

So it’ll be approximately you to decide if you desire to grind because that stat increases or not (also worth considering if you want to grind because that lightning crystals to boost Donald & Goofy’s stats as well).


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