Kingdom hearts 2 provides 4 different an obstacle modes: Beginner, Standard, Proud, and also Critical. Listed below is some information on how the video game is different based upon the difficulty mode girlfriend select.

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There space two secret endings: "The Gathering" and "Birth by sleep." Each ending has various unlock criteria, and it alters between difficulty levels. In either case, you must defeat the final boss in order to view it; if you complete the key story prior to completing the unlock criteria, girlfriend will have actually to complete that last boss again to access the ending.

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Sora transaction 200% damages with his attacksEnemies transaction 50% damage with your attacksSecret finishing "Gathering" is unlocked after ~ completing every Worlds and also defeating the last bossSecret ending "Birth through Sleep" cannot be unlocked


Sora transaction normal damages with his attacksEnemies deal normal damages with their attacksSecret ending "Gathering" is unlocked ~ completing all Worlds and defeating the last bossSecret finishing "Birth through Sleep" is unlocked after completing Jiminy"s Journal, completing all EX Gummi Ship objectives & finding all the treasures, and earning the gold Crown


Sora transaction normal damage with his attacksEnemies deal 200% damages with their attacksSecret finishing "Gathering" is unlocked after ~ completing every Worlds and also defeating the final bossSecret finishing "Birth through Sleep" is unlocked after perfect Jiminy"s Journal and also earning the yellow Crown


Sora transaction 125% damage with his attacksEnemies deal 200% damage with your attacksMushroom XIII enemies deal just 125% damage with their attacksSora earns 75% experienceStat boosts are adjusted (see below)Sora/Roxas begins the video game with 50 AP, and also receive number of bonus ability (see below)Secret ending "Gathering" is unlocked ~ completing all Worlds and also defeating the last bossSecret finishing "Birth by Sleep" is unlocked after ~ earning the gold Crown

Sora"s Stats

Unlike in KH1, there room no options to do that impact Sora"s beginning stats. Instead, they only influence when the learns details Abilities. Nobody of the capability are distinctive this time around, so pick whichever route gets girlfriend the abilities you desire as early on as possible.

Critical: ns highly recommend choosing the Shield because that this playthrough. This provides you the earliest accessibility to the Once much more Ability, and 2nd earliest access to 2nd Chance.

Each level up grants Sora rise to one or more of his key stats: struggle Points (HP), Magic points (MP), Strength, Magic, Defense, or ability Points (AP). Keep in mind that MP increases are only awarded indigenous Bonus levels (see below). The complying with chart reflects you exactly how much each stat increases with each reward.

Max HP+5+2
Max MP+10+5


Experience works similar to in the first game, being awarded as shortly as the adversary is defeated. The endure Boost ability increases suffer earned by 20%, together is unlocked at level 9, 17, or 7, depending upon whether you chose the Sword, Shield, or Staff, respectively.

The level lid in Kingdom mind 2 is 99 and also requires a grand total of 2,875,578 experience. Obtaining to level 99 unlocks an Achievement.

Level MasterGet Sora come Level 99.


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Sora earns specific stat and capacity rewards each level up. Uneven in Kingdom mind 1, there room no distinct Abilities. Listed below is a table the outlines i m sorry stat upgrades and also Abilities are earned at every level.

LevelStat UpSwordShieldStaff

Strength, AP


Defense, AP


Strength, Defense

7DefenseCombo BoostItem BoostExperience Boost

Magic, AP

9DefenseExperience BoostCombo BoostItem Boost
11Defense, AP
12MagicMagic Lock-OnMagic Lock-OnMagic Lock-On
13Defense, AP
15DefenseReaction BoostDamage DriveFire Boost
16Magic, AP
17DefenseItem BoostExperience BoostCombo Boost
18Strength, Magic
19Defense, AP
20MagicLeaf BracerLeaf BracerLeaf Bracer
23DefenseFire BoostReaction BoostDamage Drive
24Magic, AP
25DefenseDrive BoostOnce MoreDraw
28MagicDrawDrive BoostOnce More
29Defense, AP
31DefenseCombination BoostDefenderBlizzard Boost
33DefenseDamage DriveFire BoostReaction Boost
35Defense, AP
36MagicAir Combo PlusJackpotNegative Combo
37Defense, AP
39DefenseBlizzard BoostCombination BoostDefender
40Magic, AP
41DefenseDrive ConverterCritical HalfThunder Boost
44MagicNegative ComboAir Combo PlusJackpot
45Defense, AP
47DefenseOnce MoreDrawDrive Boost
49DefenseFinishing PlusSecond ChanceBerserk Charge
51Defense, AP
53DefenseThunder BoostDrive ConverterCritical Half
59DefenseDefenderBlizzard BoostCombination Boost
61Defense, AP
63Defense, AP
65DefenseBerserk ChargeFinishing PlusSecond Chance
67Defense, AP
69Defense, AP
71Defense, AP
73DefenseJackpotNegative ComboAir Combo Plus
75Defense, AP
77Defense, AP
79Defense, AP
81Defense, AP
83Defense, AP
85DefenseSecond ChanceBerserk ChargeFinishing Plus
87Defense, AP
89Defense, AP
93Defense, AP
95Defense, AP
97Defense, AP
99DefenseCritical HalfThunder BoostDrive Converter

Bonus Levels

In addition to regular level increase rewarded based on experience, Bonus Levels show up after particular battles. The charts listed below show what occasion has a Bonus Level as a reward, and what each character it s okay from it.

The tables listed below contain spoilers!

Roxas" Episode
Reach the terminal of Serenity, loss the NobodiesAerial Recovery!
Defeat the Twilight ThornMax HP Increased!
Defeat Axel at the SandlotScan!
Defeat Axel in the Mansion: Basement HallMax HP Increased!
Twilight Town
Defeat the Nobodies at The Old Mansion with King MickeyMax HP Increased!Lucky Lucky!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the Nobodies through AxelSlapshot!N/AN/A
Defeat the missing SilhouetteAccessory Slot!Max HP Increased!Item Slot!
Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
Defend the gate in the BaileyFire Element!N/AN/A
Defeat Demyx Armor Slot!Blizzard Boost! Max HP Increased!
Blizzard Element!
Complete the 1,000 Heartless battleGuard Break!N/AN/A
Defeat SephirothDrive Gauge powered Up!N/AN/A
The land of Dragons
Defeat the Heartless in the town CaveSlide Dash!N/AN/AMax HP Increased!
Hyper Healing!

Defeat Shan-Yu at the royal residence Gates

Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Goofy Turbo!Max HP Increased!
Aerial Sweep!
Defeat the Storm RiderThunder Element!Max HP Increased!Tornado Fusion!Max HP Increased!
Beast"s Castle
Defeat Thresholder & PossessorUpper Slash!Donald Fire!Max HP Increased!N/A
Defeat The BeastArmor Slot!Max HP Increased!Defender!N/A
Defeat the Dark ThornMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Item Slot!Max HP Increased!
Retaliating Slash!
Defeat XaldinMax HP Increased!Auto Healing!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Reflect Element!
Defeat the lacking SilhouetteDrive Gauge powered UP!Mas HP Increased!Max HP Increased!N/A
Olympus Coliseum
Defeat CerberusCounterguard!N/AN/AMax HP Increased!
Complete Phil"s TrainingAerial Dive!N/AN/AN/A
Defeat DemyxMax HP Increased!MP Rage!Max HP Increased!N/A
Defeat PeteTrinity Limit!Max HP Increased!Hyper Healing!N/A
Defeat the HydraMax HP Increased!Armor Slot!Max HP Increased!N/A
Thunder Element!
Defeat HadesMax HP Increased!Accessory Slot!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Magnet Burst!
Defeat the absent SilhouetteItem Slot!Max HP Increased!Damage Control!N/A
Disney Castle
Escort Queen Minnie to the Audience ChamberAccessory Slot!N/AN/A
Auto Summon!
Defeat the Lingering WillDrive Gauge powered Up!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Timeless River
Defeat Pete and also retrieve the Cornerstone of LightDodge Slash!Fantasia!Max HP Increased!
Auto Limit!
Defeat Pete with the assist of PeteMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Goofy Tornado!
Reflect Element!
Port Royal
EventSoraDonaldGoofyCaptain Jack
Defend the Interceptor native the black color PearlAerial Spiral!Draw!Max HP Increased!N/A
Knock every the burn barrels that the InterceptorItem Slot!Max HP Increased!Second Chance!Max HP Increased!
Defeat Barbossa & the IlluminatorDrive Gauge powered Up!Max HP Increased!Teamwork!Max HP Increased!
Aerial Finish!Auto Limit!
Defeat the Grim reaper on the black color PearlHorizontal Slash!Max HP Increased!Draw!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the Grim reaping machine in harbor Royal: HarborMagnet Element!Flare Force!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the lacking SilhouetteMax MP IncreasedItem Slot!Max HP Increased!N/A
Help Abu return the jewel come the statueSummon Boost!Donald Blizzard!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the 50 Heartless in the treasure roomMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Auto Healing!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the elemental Heartless in ~ The PalaceFinishing Leap!Max HP Increased!Armor Slot!Max HP Increased!
Defeat Jafar-GenieFire Element!N/AN/AN/A
Defeat the missing SilhouetteArmor Slot!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!N/A
Halloween Town
EventSoraDonaldGoofyJack Skellington
Defeat the jail KeeperFlash Step!Hyper Healing!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Defeat Oogie BoogieItem Slot!Max HP Increased!Once More!Max HP Increased!
Catch Lock, Shock, and Barrel in the pack RoomItem Slot!Max HP Increased!Auto Change!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the ExperimentMax HP Increased!Jackpot!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Pride Lands
Defeat the Hyenas in the King"s DenMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Lucky Lucky!N/A
Defeat ScarMax MP Increased!Fire Boost!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the Hyenas in the Elephant GraveyardAccessory Slot!Max HP Increased!MP Rage!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the GroundshakerMax HP Increased!N/AN/AMax HP Increased!
Thunder Element!
Space Paranoids
Enter the Password in the DatascapeMax HP Increased!Thunder Boost!Max HP Increased!Max HP Increased!
Defeat the enemy ProgramDrive Gauge powered Up!Max HP Increased!Jackpot!Max HP Increased!
Vicinity Break!
Defeat the MCPMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Accessory Slot!Max HP Increased!
Reflect Element!
The human being That never Was
Defeat RoxasMax HP Increased!N/AN/AN/A
Combo Master!
Defeat XigbarMax MP Increased!Item Slot!Max HP Increased!N/A
Defeat LuxordMax HP Increased!N/AN/AN/A
Magnet Element!
Defeat SaïxMax HP Increased!Max HP Increased!Item Slot!N/A
Defeat Xemnas Max HP Increased!N/A N/A N/A
Max MP Increased!
Defeat last XemnasDrive Gauge it is provided Up!N/AN/AMax HP Increased!

Critical mode Abilities

If you are playing on an essential Mode, numerous bonus Abilities space made obtainable from the start of the game. Roxas/Sora additionally receive a bonus 50 AP come spend.

Reaction BoostFinishing PlusDrawLucky LuckyLucky LuckyMP HasteraNo Experience

Weapon Abilities

All of Sora"s Keyblades, and some that the Shields and Staves used by Donald and Goofy, have actually Abilities attached come them. Choose the appropriate weapon is an ext than just equipping the one v the finest stats. This is less vital on Beginner and also Standard difficulty, but is necessary when pull close the video game on Proud or Critical.

Drive Forms

A new addition in Kingdom Hearts room the journey Forms, temporary revolutions that boost Sora"s power and also grant him access to a brand-new suite of abilities. There are a full of six Drive develops that are unlocked at various points in the game.

Each Drive type is detailed below, and also is add by a video that describes the creates in detail. They space not strictly crucial to watch, however have a lot of of interesting information and also can aid you acquire the full impact out of every form. Each entry will also have a rapid chart listing the quantity of experience needed to reach the best level of 7.

There space a selection of upgrades awarded to Sora together these develops level up. At level 2, Sora learns an Auto ability that puts that Drive form on display as a Reaction Command. Level 3 unlocks a growth Ability, i beg your pardon upgrades at level 5 and 7. Level 4 and also 6 constantly gives Sora a new Ability, such as Combo add to or Draw.

The strength of the easily accessible Drive develops is based on how plenty of of lock Sora has access to.

# of FormsMax Level
Valor Form
280Auto Valor
3160High run Lv1
4280Combo Plus
5448High run Lv2
6560Combo Plus
7672High run Lv3

The first Drive Form. Sora gains accessibility to this kind in Twilight Town, ~ receiving a brand brand-new set of clothes from the fairies in the Tower: Wardrobe. Specializing in physical attacks, Sora have the right to absorb Goofy to rise his strike power and movement in the air. During this type Sora cannot use magic.

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Valor form earns one point of suffer each time Sora hits an enemy. Any type of area that features lots the weak enemies, or a few strong ones, is beneficial for leveling this form.