guys ns trying to get all the syntesys items but im having a difficult time in one... I require 27 lucid shards (easy) 3 gale (have castle already) yet i need 6 mythril

i read somewhere the angel star have 1% drop rato because that mytrhil

if the wrong and also no adversary drops mythril ns will require mythril shards

where have the right to i acquire mythril shards ( i need 13 )

I currently completed all of the synthesis items!



Yeah, before anything, walk you complete everything rather in the video game yet? Every chest? Everything? If not, there can still it is in a mythril laying around.

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I made many of mine. The pots in Agrabah helped. The pot spiders fall shards indigenous time to time. The Pot scorpoion usually drops a shard alone through the stone.


Use the conference up capacity to help. I usually challenge some pot spiders in the area before the gates (the area v the scorpion).


Once I obtain the pot scorpion and also the materails, I would save, soft reset (L1 + L2 + R1 +R2 +SELECT + START) to carry me earlier to the main start screen. Ns would fill my conserve point. For some reason, this assisted me farm more materials (especially that annoying Serenity Power)

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Posted September 19, 2013


Posted September 19, 2013

im obtaining mythril shards in the finish of the world, in the wonderland room

i usage bambi best away, i done that 3 times and also i acquired 3 shards

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mythril or mythril shards

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