The Alovera Beach, approximated to price Rs 112.9 crore to build, is all set to become the world largest synthetic beach and also will boast that a blue lagoon, and a stretch of white sand, restaurants and watersports


Spain will certainly soon gain the world"s largest synthetic beach in the world.

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The Alovera Beach, around 300 kilometres away indigenous sea, is all set to come to be the world largest synthetic beach and also will boast of a blue lagoon, and a stretch the white sand, restaurants and also watersports.

The beach is walking to it is in spread across a 15,000 square metre strip of land and will come together with a 25,000 square metre lake. The project will price a complete of an ext than 15 million euros, or Rs 112.9 crores.

Madrid-based construction firm Grupo Rayet announced the leisure project through the artificially made Alovera coast all set to be its highlight.

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Chilean multinational decision Lagoons is responsible for building the beach and the 6.2-acre lake.


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