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Bonus Levels

Due to the fact that Bonus Level 1 is pretty straightforward, I"ll simply skip to Bonus LV2 onwards. You can try this as shortly as at an early stage as you have the right to yet take note that some doors will not open unmuch less you use personalities from other teams.

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Bonus Level 2:

Bonus Level 3:

Bonus Level 4:

Bonus Level 5:

Bonus Level 6:

Bonus Level 7:

Bonus Level 8:

Bonus Level 9:

Bonus Level 10:

Bonus Level 10

Bonus Level 9

Bonus Level 8

Bonus Level 7

Bonus Level 6

Bonus Level 5

Bonus Level 4

Bonus Level 3

Bonus Level 2

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Apr sixth 2015Guest
i have done the polyjuice potion in bonus level 5, however i dont have actually any of the studs for some reason?? i have built up loads but th just one that i can an adjust to is justin, is tbelow something i should execute to change this??
Aug 12th 2015GuestYou must purchase the personalities from madam Malkins (in diagon alley) after you discover them.
Nov 24th 2012GuestAll of the bonus levels in gringotts are in the same area. You need a character favor griphook to unlock the levels. Level 10 is every one of the method at the finish. I am at 96.9% and have actually 5 more personalities, 1 red brick, 5 student in perils, and 7 gold bricks. I have no clue wbelow the rest of these are and i have completed all 24 levels. Any ideas?
Jan 16th 2012exactly how carry out you acquire Ron out of the location on bonus level 6 via the lava and also the dementors
Dec 3rd 2011Guest"We"re to the allude wright here we need 4 gold bricks for 200. Three of those are in the gringotts bonus levels. We complete the levels and it won"t award us the gold bricks. How do we gain these?"This is happening to us as well, we"re 2 gold bricks shy, and when we complete bonus level 3 and also bonus level 7 the game won"t award us the gold brick. Any help?
Nov 2fourth 2011GuestHow do you get to the gold brick in number one? i dont understand exactly how to open up the door.
May 22nd 2011Guest
We"re to the allude wbelow we require 4 gold bricks for 200. Three of those are in the gringotts bonus levels. We finish the levels and it won"t award us the gold bricks. How carry out we acquire these?
May 2nd 2011GuestWell the dark personalities deserve to be uncovered via out the game. Just replay some of the levels to discover some of them. Also in bonus level 1 you don"t have to open the chest you have to go towards the ago (north) side of the display and tright here is a room through the gold brick in tright here. When you gain the brick, you have finished the level!

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